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9 May 2017

Torrent Pharma to stregthen Gynaecology Segment Presence by acquires two women healthcare brands from Novartis

India-based Torrent Pharma has completed the acquisition of women healthcare brands Regestrone and Pregachieve for India from Swiss pharma major Novartis AG. Both the brands are prescribed by gynaecologists for management of abnormal uterine bleeding, peri and post menopausal symptoms and infertility.

This acquisition is the part of Torrent’s corporate plan to stregthen Gynaecology Portfolio. Already they acquired Elder Pharmaceutical, therfore got access to leading Calcium Brand Shelcal.

What brands Torrent are acquiring from Novartis?


Regestrone is a man made form of progesterone and it is used in low strength dosage as a contraceptive pill to avoid pregnancy and in medium strength to treat heavy bleeding in menstruation, irregular periods & chronic pain in menstruation (Dysmenorrhea) and also to delay periods.




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