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6 Mar 2020

Sun Pharma launched “Take on acne” campaign

Sun Dermatology, a division of Sun Pharmaceutical Industries, Inc., USA, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. (together “Sun Pharma”), today announced the launch of Take on Acne – a new advertising campaign designed to raise awareness of the profound impact of acne on everyday life, particularly among teenagers and young adults (roughly 12-25 years of age). A common condition, acne affects more than 85% of adolescents and, depending on its severity, persistence and other factors, is highly correlated with psychosocial problems and low self-esteem. PHARMA PRODUCT MANAGMENT BLOG

Sun Dermatology (the branded dermatology division of a wholly owned subsidiary of Sun Pharmaceutical Industries, Inc.) is committed to expanding its dermatology portfolio to bring healthcare providers and patients around the world more treatment options and ongoing support for conditions like moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis, severe nodular acne, and actinic keratosis. Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., along with its subsidiaries, is ranked fourth in dermatology prescription volume within the U.S. per IQVIA and is the fourth largest specialty generic pharmaceutical company globally.


Take on Acne” ad campaign emphasizes the discomfort and disruption caused by acne, especially among teens and young adults

Web Portal

The Take on Acne campaign will run in a variety of online digital, video, audio, gaming, and social media outlets, as well as on digital billboards across the U.S. Individuals seeking more information can visit to assess if and when to take action and to opt-in to receive acne-related materials.

Sun Phamra Take On Acne Campaign

The Take on Acne ads depict the disruptive nature of powerful and painful acne breakouts that often seem to come out of nowhere. Featuring strong, empowering messages such as, “You are not your acne” and “Take back your face,” the campaign emphasizes the biological and genetic causes of acne, while dispelling misperceptions that the condition is always caused by poor hygiene or diet.

Take on Acne is meant to empower people with acne to re-gain control as their lives are interrupted by breakouts that can feel uncontrolled and overwhelming,” said Andy Nelson, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Medical Dermatology, Sun Pharma. “By showing what adolescents with acne are going through, our aim is to give rise to the voice of the patient in a meaningful way, underscoring our commitment to these patients and the dermatology professionals who serve them.”

The ad concept is the result of research Sun Pharma conducted to understand how acne impacts teens and young adults, and how they experience this condition in their own words. The research uncovered common themes through personal expressions of psychosocial angst, hopelessness, and isolation.2 Research participants reported viewing themselves through a distorted lens, as if defined by their condition, and admitted to self-retreating to avoid being judged.


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