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27 Aug 2017

STADA Pharma, BioQ Pharma licensing agreement to commercialize 3 ready-to-use infusion products

Specialty pharmaceutical companies, STADA Pharmaceuticals Australia Pty Ltd and BioQ Pharma Incorporated, announced a strategic agreement to commercialize three ready-to-use infusion pharmaceuticals in Australia and New Zealand.

The three-product collaboration between STADA and BioQ includes Ropivacaine ReadyfusOR, an opioid sparing post-surgical pain management therapy, as well as two other product candidates. Ropivacaine ReadyfusOR is a ready-to-use, single use infusion product, which is pre-filled by the manufacturer with 0.2% Ropivacaine. It is a self-contained drug and administration system for delivery at the point of care, activated by a single touch. Ropivacaine ReadyfusOR was recently approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

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