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2 Dec 2020

Saudi Arabia signs non-binding vaccine agreement with CureVac

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Saudi Arabia’s Pharmaceutical Industries and Medical supplies Corporation (Spimaco) signed a non-binding agreement with CureVac. CureVac is a German pharmaceutical company. CureVac will make its Covid-19 vaccine available to Saudi citizens and expat residents.

This is the second vaccine distribution deal for Saudi Arabia. They have already reached an agreement with a Russian pharmaceutical company.

The CureVac agreement comes after after the Saudi Chemical Holding Group had signed in September this year a MoU, through its pharmaceutical sector represented by the AJA Pharmaceutical Industries Co. (AJA Pharma) and the Saudi International Trading Company (SITCO Pharma), with the Russian Direct Investment Fund, Russia’s sovereign wealth fund, to provide and distribute the vaccine.

About this deal

  • Under the agreement, CureVac will supply Saudi Arabia with coronavirus vaccine for distribution in the Kingdom.
  • Spimaco will apply for the necessary approvals from the Ministry of Health and the Saudi Food and Drug Authority.  Spimaco will process all requirements related to the registration, supply and distribution of the vaccine, and then the final agreement on the commercial terms.
  • The agreement included the possibility of extending the supply and distribution rights later to also include the UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman.

About CureVac

  • CureVac conducted successful Phase I dose-finding clinical trials.
  • The vaccine has reached promising results to proceed to the phase IIb/III clinical trial.
  • If all goes well, CureVac will submit the registration file to the European Medicines Agency during the first quarter of 2021.

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