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2 May 2019

Sandoz licensing agreement with EirGenix to commercialize trastuzumab biosimilar

Sandoz, a Novartis division and a global leader in biosimilars,  has entered into an agreement to commercialize a proposed trastuzumab biosimilar. This medicine is currently in phase III clinical development for treatment of human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 positive (HER2+) breast and specific gastric cancer tumors.

The agreement between Sandoz and EirGenix, Inc, a biotechnology manufacturing and development company that aspires to provide high-quality medicines for individuals and society, aims to bring to market a proposed biosimilar trastuzumab. EirGenix will maintain responsibility for development and manufacturing, and Sandoz has the right to commercialize the medicine upon approval in all markets excluding China and Taiwan.

According to the terms of the agreement, EirGenix will receive an upfront payment on signing, milestone payments, and is entitled to receive profit share payments for sales in the territories. This structure allows Sandoz to keep in-house resources focused on bringing forward a robust internal pipeline. The collaboration further expands the existing Sandoz oncology portfolio of four oncology biosimilar medicines, while enabling the company to further develop its strong hospital presence. Other specific terms of the agreement are confidential.

Sandoz biosimilars are helping patients, particularly in immunology, oncology and endocrinology, access medicines sustainably and affordably. The division has a leading global portfolio with eight marketed biosimilars and a further 10-plus in development. Half of the marketed biosimilar medicines are in oncology, with three in supportive cancer care and one for the treatment of blood cancers. Additional investigational oncology biosimilars are in the pipeline. Broadening the Sandoz oncology offering has benefits for payers, patients and healthcare systems overall.

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