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28 Nov 2020

PostEra codevelopment deal with NeuroLucent for Alzheimer’s disease

Biotechnology company PostEra announced a collaboration with NeuroLucent, a Chicago-based company focused on developing novel treatments for Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.

The failure of late-stage clinical trials to uncover effective therapies for Alzheimer’s disease has underscored the need to explore novel therapeutic approaches. NeuroLucent is developing novel small molecule compounds that normalize a key calcium channel that is dysregulated in Alzheimer’s neurons and restore normal neuronal function in multiple preclinical Alzheimer’s models.

NeuroLucent has partnered with PostEra to accelerate its search for a therapeutic candidate.  PostEra will use its machine learning technology to optimise NeuroLucent’s lead compounds through a series of ‘design-make-test’ cycles that has previously been shown to accelerate medicinal chemistry campaigns.  PostEra will also leverage its Manifold platform, which provides access to compounds through a world-wide network of vendors and partner contract research organizations.

Commercial terms include an upfront payment to PostEra, with additional payments upon the achievement of certain milestones.

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