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Course Code: KPE-C-008

Course Title: KPE’s Advance Diploma in Pharmaceutical Strategic Business Management [ADPSM]

Course Objective: The online certificate course in Pharmaceutical strategic management is conceptualized with objective to impart knowledge and understanding of the Pharmaceutical Strategic Business Management from the 360 degree from the different areas of  Pharmaceutical businesses like drug discovery-to-commercialization, portfolio management, business development, brand management.

Key Learning Area for the course

  • Drug Development to Commercialization – R&D management and related strategic planning.
  • Innovation Management in pharmaceutical industry. In depth understanding of the intellectual property management in Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Industry
  • Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical industry understanding.
  • Exclusive training on Biopharmaceutical and biosimilar management
  • Pharma Marketing and branding Strategic Planning (advance training)
  • Generic Drug Strategic Planning
  • Drug Registration overseas
  • International Marketing strategic planning in pharmaceutical
  • In depth training on Licensing in pharmaceutical industry – In Licensing Vs. Out licensing, Codevelopment, comarketing deals
  • Licensing training
  • Financial Planning and Management for pharma strategic management professionals
  • Life cycle extension / Loss of Exclusivity – LOE strategies

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