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8 Jun 2016

Pfizer’s launched a corporate advertisement campaign called “Driven to Discover the Cure

Pfizer has launched a corporate advertisement campaign called “Driven to Discover the Cure.”
This ad doesn’t mention any specific products, but instead focuses on five actual Pfizer scientists, the rigors of their research to discover new drugs and the positive impact that Pfizer ultimately has on customers’ lives.
View the 60sec commercial –
“Before it Became a Medicine” is part of a broader initiative called “Driven to Discover the Cure.” This ad tells about the story of how Pfizer scientist’s bring new therapies to patients and our drive to develop the cures that people and their families need. The objective of the ad is to make people understand what it takes to bring a new medicine to patients, and how to create better environment for discovering treatments today and in the future.
“However, before it can become a medicine, it is just an idea that has to make it through a difficult 12-year journey. Making a medicine or vaccine doesn’t come easy. Every breakthrough involves a team of scientific marathoners, whose focus and determination to reach the goal often involves long days and nights. It takes on average 12 years, 36 clinical trials and 8,500 patient volunteers to create one medicine that helps improve the lives of patients.”
Five Pfizer scientists are featured in the TV ad—all cancer and vaccine researchers. In addition, Pfizer’s stories of discovery includes a mini documentary about Bob Abraham, group lead of the Oncology-Rinat R&D at Pfizer, and Matt Hiznay, a lung cancer patient.

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