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4 Mar 2016

Pfizer’s launch of Gelusil’s ready-to-consume sachet

Pfizer’s GEP (Global Established Products) division in India recently announced the launch of its largest selling antacid Gelusil liquid in a ready-to-drink, on-the-go sachet format. The sachet aims to reach out to consumers who are constantly on the go and have to rely on multiple elements of cure to settle the acidity attacks. Being rolled out in metros, smaller towns and rural areas simultaneously, the Gelusil sachet is available across pharmacy stores and is priced at Rs.8 per sachet in Indian market.

Pfizer’s claim:
Research reveals that many who suffer from acidity do not take it seriously and either ignore it or resort to traditional methods to deal with acidity attacks. While traditional methods may provide symptomatic relief, it does not address the real issue. Gelusil’s balanced formula not only provides instant relief by neutralising the acid secreted but also provides long lasting relief by protecting the stomach lining from damage due to excessive acid

Gelusil Market:
Gelusil ia a leading brand in the category. In a market (antacids) that is growing at CAGR of 8.5 per cent and Gelusil (in the last three years) at 7.8 per cent. It has seen a few setbacks recently. Last year, when TRA, a global brand intelligence agency, released its ranking of the top 1000 Indian brands, GSK Consumer Healthcare brand Eno made a surprise entry to the list at 387 while Gelusil did not figure at all and Pfizer barely scraped in at 925 having dropped 98 places from its rank in 2014.

Unique Prepositions for brand:
This newly launched easy-to-carry sachet has a unique proposition of a ready-to-consume solution for acidity that does not require water or a glass. It’s tamperproof packaging makes it convenient to carry and consume it just anytime/anywhere.

Gelusil in sachets will help the company get into new markets and reach out to consumers at lower price points. Currently Gelusil is sold in two dosage forms – liquid and tablets but soon will be sold both in 200 ml bottles and 10 ml sachets. On an industry wide basis the liquid dosage form dominates and contributes to about 80 per cent of the overall sales of antacids.

In 2014 Abbott introduced Digene Fizz while Eno adopted the small-sized packaging a long time ago. Both Eno and Digene are sold in fruit based flavours.

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