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17 May 2016

Pfizer’s Acquisition of Anacor: Pfizer to get lead asset in derma

Pfizer will acquire Anacor for a total transaction value of $5.2bn (which assumes the conversion of Anacor’s convertible notes).
Why this acquisition?
Anacor’s lead asset, crisaborole, is a non-steroidal topical PDE-4 inhibitor for the treatment of mild-to-moderate atopic dermatitis. The compound is currently under review by FDA and has a PDUFA date of January 7th 2017. The proposed acquisition of Anacor by Pfizer will help Pfizer to access innovative assets in the dermatology space.
Is the valuation of the deal justified?
As per prediction, Pfizer can expect 2 bn per month sale.
As standard acquisition terms
Sales Expected x 4.5 Times = 9 Bn
So, 5.2 Billion is safe, riskfree and good deal for Pfizer for Anacor.
At the same time, Pfizer will get access to Kerydin.
KERYDIN® (tavaborole) is topical solution 5%—a treatment that attacks toenail fungus at the site of infection.
Kerydin of Anacor is approved by USFDA in july 2014.

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