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5 Mar 2016

Pfizer, Merck KGaA, Verastem Ovarian Cancer Study Tie-Up

Pfizer Inc. PFE, Merck KGaA MKGAF and Verastem, Inc. VSTM announced that they have entered into an agreement for evaluating avelumab in combination with Verastem’s VS-6063 in a phase I/Ib study for the treatment of patients with advanced ovarian cancer.

While the financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed, it was announced that the study will commence in the second half of 2016.

Earlier this year, Pfizer and Merck KGaA collaborated with Syndax Pharmaceuticals, Inc. SNDX to evaluate avelumab in combination with Syndax’s entinostat in a phase Ib/II study for the treatment of patients with heavily pre-treated, recurrent ovarian cancer.

We remind investors that in Nov 2014, Pfizer and Merck KGaA had announced a strategic alliance to co-develop and co-commercialize avelumab. Currently, avelumab is being evaluated for the treatment of a wide range of tumors – breast cancer, gastric/gastro-esophageal junction cancer, head and neck cancer, melanoma, Merkel cell carcinoma, non-small cell lung cancer, renal cell carcinoma and urothelial cancer.

Under the collaboration, several pivotal studies on avelumab have been initiated in 2015, with additional studies expected to commence in 2016.

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