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1 Jul 2016

Panacea launches diabetes drug ‘Tenepan’ in India

Panacea Biotec has launched diabetes drug ‘Tenepan’, used for treating Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, in India.
Tenapan aims to improve the accessibility of diabetes treatment at an affordable cost as part of the company’s commitment to the Make in India’ campaign.
Molecule: Teneligliptin
Class: DPP4 Inhibitor
Why this launch?
  • Panacea Biotech is having strong presence in Diabetes market through Diacar Alpha Business Team. Panacea Biotech is holding leadership position in Glicazide market with its brand Glizid-M.
  • Teneligliptin will further strengthen the position of Panacea in diabetes market segment.
  • Teneligliptin works in synergy with the sulphonylureas to manage the patients with uncontrolled on Metformin therapy and / or a sulphonylurea therapy.

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