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23 Jan 2015

Omega Pharma and NovaMedica to market a line of gastrointestinal products under BenegastTM brand in Russia

Russian pharmaceutical company NovaMedica and Omega Pharma, a Belgium-based pan-European pharmaceutical company specializing in the development and sale of over-the-counter (OTC) health and personal care products, have signed a partnership agreement granting NovaMedica exclusive rights to promote, distribute and sell a line of OTC gastrointestinal products under the Benegast umbrella brand in Russia.

Synergy for alliance: 

“Partnering with Omega Pharma is in line with NovaMedica’s strategy and our focus on delivering innovative treatments for gastrointestinal (GI) patients. The Benegast portfolio has strong synergies with NovaMedica’s current line of GI pharmaceutical products,” said Sergey Beloborodov, Executive Director of NovaMedica LLC. “Benegast products have been marketed successfully in Europe and are ready for fast-track launch in Russia. This is the first umbrella brand solution to address most common symptoms in gastroenterology, and we are confident of its commercial success.” “We see the serious market potential for Benegast products in Russia, and we are glad that our partnership with NovaMedica will allow the Russian population to gain access to innovative GI products, to feel their efficacy and to improve quality of life,” noted Irina Moustiatsa, Country Manager of Omega Pharma in Russia. NovaMedica plans to start marketing Benegast products in January 2015. NovaMedica intends to actively promote Benegast products to pharmacies throughout Russia, and will launch a national advertising campaign. Key products in the portfolio include: Benegast Reduflux, which contains the proprietary compound Phycodol that provides fast and sustainable relief from heartburn and indigestion. Phycodol, made of high quality extract from brown algae, forms a superior protective barrier on top of the stomach content to instantly suppress acid reflux while preventing pain and discomfort. Available in the form of peppermint flavored chewable tablets. Benegast Redugas reduces bloating and restores healthy gut flora, thanks to its key ingredient Lycosyl, an effective combination of Simethicone and prebiotics (Inulin). Simethicone physically destroys gas bubbles, while prebiotics restore a healthy gut flora, thus reducing new gas build-up. Available in the form of peppermint-flavored chewable tablets. Benegast Regulamine contains Chiasyll, a combination of two types of soluble and insoluble fibers to restore and maintain regularity. Chiasyll is the unique combination of Psyllium Husk with Chia Seed for a synergistic effect. Together the two types of fibers form a lubricating gel on the intestines to ease the transit and allow a stronger bulking effect to speed up transit time. These effects restore regularity and eliminate constipation. Available in the form of orange flavored powder in stick-sachets.

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