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19 Apr 2016

NanoAntibiotics Acquires Company Developing Novel Therapies for Liver Disease

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NanoAntibiotics Inc,.,  a development stage company focused on the discovery, development, and commercialization of novel drug therapies, is pleased to announce the acquisition of LAT Pharma LLC, of Chicago, IL, an early-stage biotechnology company developing novel medicines to treat life-threatening complications of liver cirrhosis.

LAT Pharma brings a promising new therapeutic opportunity to NanoAntibiotics. Earlier this year LAT Pharma met with the FDA to discuss a submission for a novel therapy to treat ascites due to liver cirrhosis. The meeting designated as a “pre-investigational new drug (IND) meeting,” provided guidance that is currently being addressed. The Company’s goal is to commence a clinical trial program in human subjects upon FDA clearance of the IND application.

“The acquisition of LAT Pharma by NanoAntibiotics will provide the resources necessary to execute the next step in our goal of advancing a novel, potentially life-saving new drug therapy into the clinic,” commented Jonathan Adams, Chief Executive Officer at LAT Pharma.

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