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29 Jun 2015

mybody Introduces the First Advanced Probiotic Skincare Line

mybodymybody starts at the source of gorgeous skin: a healthy inside. This complete line of advanced probiotic skincare mimics and supports the way the body naturally repairs, defends and heals itself for profoundly beautiful results. Skin acts and looks like its younger self. These innovative, clinically-proven products spare no expense when it comes to ingredient selection. Powered by probiotics, these groundbreaking formulas replenish the antioxidants, micronutrients, peptides and fatty acids the skin loses over time. Just like probiotics rebuild immunity on the inside, their skin-enhancing molecules boost immunity on the outside, targeting each layer of the skin for the highest levels of prevention, repair and protection. Sold exclusively by physicians, med spas and most recently, their own online store, mybody products are available to skin-savvy consumers with product prices starting at $30.mybody-product-image

mybody’s advanced probiotic skincare line was created to bridge a deeper connection between the enlightened woman, her skin and her health for dramatic, yet safe results. How a woman’s skin looks and feels is a reflection of her overall health; factors such as age, diet, sleep habits, stress and disease can all take a toll on her body and skin. With the goal of providing simple, manageable regimens for every woman, Co-Founders and industry veterans, David and Christine Watson, worked to develop a complete range of effective skincare solutions that offer one-stop shopping for consumers. The resulting collection tells a story, giving women of all skin types the opportunity to get in touch with their bodies as they age and heal from within.

The line consists of simple, effective programs starting with customizable 4-step regimens that address the three predominant influences: AGING, SENSITIVITY and ACNE. Customers are able to personalize their daily skincare routine by selecting products that deliver multiple visible benefits and target their specific skincare needs.

“These products infuse nature and skin science with the understanding that maintaining skin integrity is by far the most important answer to sustaining healthy and resilient skin,” says Daniel Clary, Director of Education for mybody.

The line also includes a system of body slimming essentials and probiotic-infused body washes and lotions in a multitude of refreshing scents.

mybody is the integrative approach for women who seek the best for their skin and their health. This complete line looks to the power of the human body to inspire how products should repair and nurture, with the goal of revealing healthy, radiant skin. Keeping all women in mind, mybody also strives to develop healthy skincare solutions free of any known endocrine disruptors including parabens, phthalates, dyes, sulfates and gluten. mybody is proud to be a compassionate company that never tests their products on animals.


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