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31 Jul 2017

MCQ Self Assessment Tests in Biopharmaceuticals – Biologics and Biosimilar Regulatory Affairs and Strategic Management

MCQ Tests on Biopharmaceuticals – Biologic and Biosimilar Regulatory Affairs and Strategic Management 

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Career in Biopharmaceutical 

If you look today at global pharmaceutical business scenario, biopharmaceutical is recognized as the future area of growth and we have seen in last 3-5 years apart from biologic companies, many pharmaceutical companies are entering into the biopharmaceutical business as diversification (many time for sustaining the growth demand).

Biologics professionals are high demand and we have many pharmaceutical professionals by adhering the knowledge of biologic entered into the biologic domains.

However, few basic set of knowledge is in high demand if anyone seeking to enter biologic management, like biopharmaceutical business and strategic management.

Knowledge Area

  • Biologic Development
  • Basic Knowledge of Biopharma
  • Biopharmaceutical Regulatory Process Understanding
  • Understanding of Biosimilar
  • Biologic Productions Basic Understanding
  • cGMP requirements for Biotech and Biosimilar Manufacturing
  • Project Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Licensing Knowledge
  • Knowledge of Oncology Segments

But in present market scenario, there are increased demand for trained / certified biopharmaceutical professions. But complete Biopharm graduates are hard to find.

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