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30 Aug 2018

Market Launch and brand positioning of Volini Maxx

Sun Pharma Consumer Healthcare, a division of Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd, has launched Volini Maxx, a strongest pain relief spray. The company has signed Virat Kohli, captain of Indian cricket team as the new brand ambassador of Volini. A 3600 marketing campaign featuring Virat Kohli goes live.



  • Diclofenac Diethylamine IP
  • Methyl Salicylate IP
  • Menthol IP

Available in : 25gm and 55gm Pack sizes.

Volini Maxx Spray Positioning 

  • Volini has been a trusted pain relief partner for over two decades.
  • Volini Maxx is a new variant of Sun Pharma’s popular brand, Volini – the No.1 pain relief spray in India.
  • Unique Formulation: Its unique formulation of 2 per cent diclofenac makes it 100 per cent stronger than the existing 1 per cent diclofenac sprays available in the Indian market.
  • Volini Maxx spray is stronger than any other topical pain relief spray available in India.
  • Volini Maxx spray will provide effective relief to people suffering from back and joint pain & also in sports injuries.
  • Volini Maxx is targeted for severe pains including musculoskeletal, joint and low back. Its 3600 technology ensures standardised drug delivery at all angles.

Developed a stiff shoulder after a tiring cricket match?
Volini Maxx is India’s Strongest Pain Relief spray that will keep pain out of your match schedules.

Neck pain not letting you put in a 100%?
Volini Maxx is India’s first pain relief spray with 2% Diclofenac. This Gold Standard molecule ensures relief from moderate to severe neck pain, so you can bounce back instantly.

Is pushing your body to its limit leading to intermittent back pain?
Volini Maxx comes with 2% Diclofenac with counter irritants that will take care of your back pain and give you instant relief.

Brand Ambassador: Why Virat Kohli?

“Known for pushing the limits of physical endurance, Virat echoes the brand vision of constantly improving performance and not letting pain come in the way of going that extra mile.” – Sun Pharma

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