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28 Jul 2020

Lynk Pharmaceuticals enters exclusive licensing agreements with Kobe University and with RIKEN Research Institute to develop RAS inhibitors with a novel MOA

Lynk Pharmaceuticals (Hangzhou, China) is pleased to announce exclusive licensing agreements with Kobe University (Kobe, Japan) and with RIKEN Research Institute (Saitama, Japan) to develop RAS inhibitors with a novel MOA. The agreement with Kobe University also includes a joint collaboration which will continue to provide screening and structural support.

RAS has been identified as a key driver in numerous cancers including pancreatic (95%), colon (50%) and lung adenocarcinomas (30%). RAS was first identified in the 1960’s and has been targeted for over 35 years with only limited success. While recent progress made by irreversible binding towards KRAS G12C subset, this approach cannot inhibit other more dominant KRAS mutants such as G12V and G12D.

Built on Kobe University and RIKEN’s early structural biology and screening outcome, Lynk Pharmaceuticals will utilize its medicinal chemistry and drug design expertise to develop RAS inhibitors with desirable properties to target a broader range of undruggable RAS onco-drivers and ultimately develop the compounds for clinical use. “This is a very ambitious approach for us to challenge a decades-old undruggable target, but we believe our approach, with an exciting novel mechanism of action, will bring better hope to the patients by jointing hands with two reputed research organizations in the world,” said Dr. Zhao-Kui (ZK) Wan, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Lynk.

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