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7 Aug 2020

Lupin gets exclusive rights to market and distribute 2 complex injectable assets from ForDoz Pharma

Pharma major Lupin Limited announced that its US based wholly-owned subsidiary Lupin Pharmaceuticals Inc., has entered into an agreement with ForDoz Pharma Corp (ForDoz) for granting Lupin the exclusive rights to market and distribute 2 complex injectable assets in advanced stages of development in the US and its territories.

The two assets are in the oncology and anti-infective therapeutic areas which when approved, will provide affordable alternatives to patients and healthcare professionals.

The assets will be manufactured in ForDoz’s US based manufacturing site and ForDoz will be responsible for the development, and obtaining the necessary regulatory approvals. Lupin shall leverage its existing commercial infrastructure for marketing and distribution of the two assets.

Commenting on the development, Alok Sonig, CEO, US generics and global head, generics R&D and biosimilars for Lupin said, “The partnered assets are a key, strategic addition to our complex injectables pipeline and will bolster our Institutional business offering. These assets will complement Lupin’s ongoing organic R&D efforts in complex assets including inhalation and long-acting injectables as well as biosimilars.”

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