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3 Jun 2015

Lannett’s acquisition of Silarx Pharma

Lannett has acquired of privately held, Silarx Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a manufacturer and marketer of liquid generic pharmaceutical products.

The acquisition brings a high quality, talented work force that we intend to retain and an FDA-approved manufacturing facility into which we can quickly increase utilization. Silarx also adds an exciting pipeline that includes four Abbreviated New Drug Applications (ANDAs) with Paragraph 4 certification pending at the FDA and a number of complementary products.

Silarx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a manufacturer and marketer of quality generic liquid pharmaceutical products. Since 1987, dedication to quality manufacturing and marketing has allowed Silarx Pharmaceuticals to experience steady growth in the category of liquid generic drug products.

Silarx is the only manufacturer of Loratadine Oral Solution (equivalent to the active ingredient of Claritin®) with the FDA approved indication of “Hives-Relief”. Additional key products included in our catalogue are Citalopram Oral Solution (equivalent to the active ingredient of Celexa®) and Fluoxetine Oral Solution (equivalent to the active ingredient of Prozac®).
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