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16 Jul 2021

Kintor Pharmaceutical collaborates with Fosun Pharma Development to Commercialise Proxalutamide

Kintor Pharmaceutical Limited today announced that it has entered into a licensing agreement with Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical Development Ltd. (“Fosun Pharma Development”), on the commercialisation of proxalutamide for the treatment of COVID-19 indication in India and 28 African countries (the”Collaboration Regions”). Kintor and Fosun Pharma Development will collaborate on the emergency use authorization applications, promotion, and sales of proxalutamide for the treatment of COVID-19 indication.

According to the licensing agreement, Fosun Pharma Development will be granted exclusive rights of registration and commercialisation of proxalutamide in the Collaboration Regions. Kintor Pharmaceutical will be eligible to receive upfront payment and milestone payments up to RMB560 million (upfront and development milestone payments up to RMB110 million and commercialisation milestone payments of RMB450 million). Kintor Pharmaceutical will also be eligible to receive royalty payments that are not less than 50% of the total operating profit in the Collaboration Regions, based on a tiered structure per the amount of net sales as agreed by both companies.

Proxalutamide is a new-generation androgen receptor (AR) antagonist. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, Kintor Pharmaceutical has made rapid progress on the study on proxalutamide as a potential treatment for COVID-19 indication.

About Proxalutamide

Proxalutamide is a nonsteroidal antiandrogen — specifically, a selective high-affinity silent antagonist of the androgen receptor — that is under development for the potential treatment of COVID-19, prostate cancer, and breast cancer. Proxalutamide is currently being studied in two registered phase III multi-regional clinical trials (MRCT) for the treatment of COVID-19 outpatients, and one phase III MRCT for inpatients with COVID-19 infection in the United StatesSouth America (including Brazil), the European Union, and Asia.

About Kintor Pharmaceutical Limited

Kintor Pharmaceutical Limited is developing and commercialising a robust pipeline of innovative small molecule and biological therapeutics for androgen-receptor-related disease areas with unmet medical needs, including COVID-19, prostate, breast and liver cancer, alopecia, and acne. For more information, visit

About Fosun Pharma Development

Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical Development Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical (Group) Co., Ltd. Founded in 1994, Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical (Group) Co., Ltd. (“Fosun Pharma Group”;stock code: 600196.SH, 02196.HK) is a leading global pharmaceutical and healthcare provider in China. Fosun Pharma Group strategically operates businesses in the pharmaceutical and health industry, including pharmaceutical manufacturing, medical devices and medical diagnosis, healthcare services, and pharmaceutical distribution and retail. Fosun Pharma Group takes pharmaceutical manufacturing as its core business and sticks to innovative research and development. Through in-house R&D, co-development, in-licensing, and incubation, Fosun Pharma Group had established platforms for small molecule innovative drugs, antibody drugs, and cell therapy. For more information, please visit

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