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Pharmaceutical Product Management Course

Accredited By International Association of Distance Learning
Advance Diploma in Pharma Product Management is conceptualized with vision to create effective Product Manager for Pharma Industry. This course gives practical knowledge / real life job simulation for Pharma Product Management. This course gives practical knowledge / real life job simulation for Pharma Product Management.How product manager works in pharma company.

Available Product Management Courses

1 Year / 1 Month Program

Advance Diploma Program

1 Year Advance Diploma in Pharmaceutical Product Management Course Fees: 27500 INR / 550 USD
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Advance Diploma (Dual Specialization)

1 Year Program in Advance Diploma in Pharmaceutical Product Management & Regulatory Affairs Course Fess - 32500 INR / 670 USD
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Certificate Course

1 Month Certificate Course in Pharmaceutical Product Management Course Fees: 27500 INR / 550 USD
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Features of the Courses

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Online Classes

Interactive e-lectures (audio-visual), assignments can be accessed online across anywhere, anytime. Attend classes at your convenient time.  

Printed Modules

Course participant are provided with books which explains all concepts and provide practical cases for easy understanding. 

Real Life Case Studies

Access to 1000’s of real life case studies and live simulations from pharmaceutical brand management cases, marketing plans, visual aids, literatures, catch covers etc. 

Online Final Examination

Flexible online final examination (Computer Based Test by secure mode), can be taken from any devices, from anywhere. 

Performance Analytics

Every course participant will receive personalized webpage with cutting edge course tracker – analytics for progress of courses. 

Course Accreditation

The Internationally Accredited course – Accredited by International Association of Distance Learning (IADL), UK. 

Cutting Edge Course Content

Course content is designed and updated as per the latest industry regulation.

Course Certificates

Course certificates will be provided at the end of the course. 

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Sample Studies

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Career in Pharma Product Management 



Competency Test on Pharma Brand Logo


Pharma Product Management Knowledge Base

Access to 100s of free real life cases, analysis of regulatory cases. Tune up your regulatory knowledge. 


Competency Test

Take a short Test to understand your competency in Product / Brand Management in Pharmaceuticals.

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Major Learning Areas


The Pharmaceutical Market

Overview of Pharmaceutical industry, Current domestic and global market, Prescription vs. OTC market
Major stakeholders in domestic and global market, Regulatory environment in pharmaceutical industry. 

Basic understanding to drug discovery and development

How pharmaceutical molecules developed. Concept of innovator product and generic drugs. 

Understanding of Pharmaceutical Marketing
What is marketing? (Brief understanding and Definitions), Significance of marketing in pharmaceutical business, Customer vs. consumer, Pharmaceutical market vs. consumer market, Basic elements of Marketing Mix (4 P’s), Pharmaceutical product management

Practical aspects of pharmaceutical Sales Management Process
What is Sales Management: Definition, Sales management team, Product management vs. sales management, Hierarchy in pharmaceutical product management department, Product management vs. Sales hierarchy, Importance sales management in pharma, Role of sales manager, Sales management process in pharmaceutical companies, 

Marketing strategy
Definitions, Strategy vs. Tactics, Strategic and tactical planning, Case study: Strategic and tactical planning

Development of marketing plan
Components or parts of pharmaceutical brand Marketing plan, Understanding of marketing plan, Components of marketing, How to design a effective brand plans. 

Market research
Objectives of market research, Importance of pharma market research, Common types of pharmaceutical market research, Industry or Market segment research, Prescriber’s (Doctors) research, Consumer research (Patients), Competitors’ research. RCPA – How to design and implement effective RCPA. 

Pharmaceutical market segmentation
Understanding of market segmentation, Types of segmentation, Bases for pharmaceutical market segmentation, Importance of segmentation, Case study: Market Segmentation exercise in pharmaceutical industry. 

Targeting & Positioning
Targeting, Understanding of targeting, Bases for targeting in pharmaceutical market, Positioning, Understanding and positioning, Bases for positioning in pharmaceutical market, Importance in pharma, Case Study: Targeting and Positioning in pharmaceutical industry. 

Brand Logo 
Difference between brand and logo, Introduction to – Corporate Logo and Brand Logo, Understanding of branding, Importance of branding in Pharma, Branding Strategies, Process of brand name selection, Brand name and Logo, Component of the brand logo, Practical Analysis of the brand logo, How to design brand logo effectively, Punch line / tagline creation for brand, Positioning statements & Unique Selling Propositions (USPs), Case study: Brand logo creation. How to register the brand logo. Trademark registration – Importance in pharmaceutical branding, Trademark registration process, How to protect the trademark globally. Importance of pharma brand logo in product recall. Introduction to the colour system – CMYK Vs. RGB. 

Product Strategies
Understanding of product concept, Product briefing, Product differentiation, Product differentiation tools, Product mix and product lines, Role of product innovation in pharma, New product development process, Product lifecycle and portfolio management. Exercise on product and portfolio management. 

Price strategies
Understanding of pricing in pharma industry, Objectives of pricing, Bases for pricing, Pricing strategy, Pricing process in pharma, Case study: How to decide effective price for the brand. Concept of PTR, PTS in pharma industry, How to make price list. Example of Cost Based Pricing, Premium Pricing, Market Based Pricing of the drug. 

Distribution strategies
Understanding of distribution channel, Importance in pharma industry, Intermediaries in pharma, distribution channel – Super distributor, C & F agents, Stockiest or Distributor, Retailer, Levels of Distribution in pharma industry, Case study: Distribution management for effective brand building. 

Marketing communication Strategies (Promotional strategies)
Understanding of marketing communication process, Objectives of marketing communication, Customer vs. consumer concept in pharma, Consumer behaviour in pharma, Factors affecting doctor’s prescribing decision


Launching a pharmaceutical product into market place

Step by step practical exposure to launching of pharmaceutical products into the market. 

Checklist of launching new pharmaceutical products into the market. 

Promotional campaign development
Understanding of promotional campaign, Objectives of campaign. How to plan effective promotional campaign. 

Packaging Design 

Types of pharmaceutical packaging, Solid dosage form packing design – Carton, Outer carton vs. mono-carton, Labelling requirements, Foil Design. Injectables dosage form designing – Ampoules. 

Package Inserts 

Prescriber information (PI) vs. Patient Information Leaflet. 

Promotional inputs in pharma
Objectives of Promotional inputs, classification of promotional input. Promotogram – Importance and design effective promotogram. 

Visual Aid Designing 

Importance of visual aid, V3M concept in pharma visual aid, Usage of indication in visual aid – Approved vs. non approved indications, Visual Aids creation and detailing story writing.Component of the visual aid, Visual aid theme creation and story writing. Practical Training. 300 Visual aid samples with explanation, Process of VA creation, How to write detailing story. Decide on the brand USPs – what to promote. Guideline in visual aid development. Different types of visual aid – Metal Wire-o vs. book kind visual aid. 

Understanding of E-detailing, Objectives, Concept and flow of the e-detailing. 

Leave behind literatures (LBLs)
Objectives, Design of the LBL – Component, Rules of designing effective LBLs. Process of LBLs creation, Case study: LBLs creation

Reminder cards (RC)

Objectives, Process of RC Creation, Case study: RC creation. 

Catch covers

Objectives, Process of Catch covers creation, Case study: Catch covers creation. Monocarton vs. pouch kind catach cover. 

Concept of Die-Cut LBLs in Pharmaceutical Promotion – Practical Examples and Why it’s a part of effective brand planning. 

Promotional items selection
Objectives, Process of Promotional items selection, Case study: Promotional item selection

Printing of promotional literatures
Vendor selection, Paper selection, Types of paper available, Paper to use for Visual aid, catch cover, 

Physician Sampling

How to design the sampling plan. Step by step – effective designing of the sample plan. 

Promotional Budgeting
Objectives of budget planning, Methods promotional budgeting. Training on How to prepare promotional budgeting. 

Handling of Cycle Briefing / Meeting 

What is cycle meeting? Why cycle meeting conducted. Role of product manager for cycle meeting. How to prepare for cycle meeting?

Training of sales person
Objectives of sales training, Types of training sales methods, Training manual creation. 

Fundamental understanding to Sales Analytics


Case study: Training manual creation

Strategic Topics for Pharma Product Manager 

Copromotion, Co-marketing, In-licensing vs. outlicensing, New Indication Approval, Product life cycle extension cases, Handling patent expiration. 

Finance Skill Development for Product Manager

Celebrity Endorsement 

Importance in pharmaceuticals, Cases. 

Clinical Trial and Terminologies understanding 

Placebo, Double blind, Blind study, Randomized Control Trials, etc. 

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