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pharma product management course






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Course Objective: Advance Diploma in Pharma Product Management is conceptualized with vision to create effective Product Manager for Pharma Industry. This course gives practical knowledge / real life job simulation for Pharma Product Management. This pharmaceutical product manager training course gives practical knowledge / real life job simulation for Pharma Product Management. How product manager works in pharma company and understanding of each area of pharmaceutical product manager job description.

1 Year

1. Orientation to job related practical aspects of the PMT is covered in this course 2. Simulation to real life working in PMT. 3. Access to Industry Databank – 300 Visual Aids, Leave Behind Literature, Catch Cover etc. 4. Access to 1000’s of Pharmaceutical Case Studies 5. Attend Live Lectures of all different chapters / study content.

  • The Internationally Accredited course – Accredited by International Association of Distance Learning (IADL), UK
  •  Knowledge Process Enhancer is registered under Trademark Registry of India, under class 42.

B.Pharma/D.Pharma/ B.Sc/ Any graduates or those who are in 3rd / final year of those courses, who want to make career in pharmaceutical marketing can pursue the course.

27500 Indian Rupees (for payment from India) USD 550 (for payment other than India).


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Course Flow / Syllabus 

Section 1Drug Development Fundamental
Lecture 1R&D Process & Introduction to drug discovery
Lecture 2Concept of Investigational New Drug
Lecture 3Concept of New Drug & New Drug Application
Lecture 4Basic concept and understanding of the Generic Drug
Lecture 5ANDA - Basic Understanding in Generic Drug Approval Process
Lecture 6Patent Vs. Exclusivity
Lecture 7Learning from New Drug Approvals
Section 2Fundamental of Product Management
Lecture 8Career in Pharma Product Management
Lecture 9Detailed Understanding of Product Management Job
Section 3Fundamentals of Pharma Marketing
Lecture 10Marketing Orientation for Product Manager
Lecture 11Marketing Research Process for Product Mangaer
Lecture 12Consumer Behavior & Brand Adoption Process
Lecture 13Product Life cycle - Basic Understanding
Lecture 14Concept of STP
Lecture 15Pricing
Lecture 16Logistics
Lecture 17Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning
Lecture 18A Pharamceutical Segementation outlook
Lecture 19Market Research: Importance in Pharma Product Management
Lecture 20Distribution Channel in Pharmaceuticals
Lecture 21Promotion Management Process
Lecture 22Setting and Quantifying Promotional Objectives
Lecture 23Promotional Budget Setting : Tools and Techniques
Lecture 24Basics of Advertising : Introduction
Lecture 25Classifications of Advertising
Lecture 26The Advertising agency
Section 4Pharmaceutical Brand Logo Preparation
Lecture 27Brand Logo - Introduction
Lecture 28Purpose of Brand Logo
Lecture 29Component of Brand Logo
Lecture 30Brand Name and TM Registration Process
Lecture 31Trademark - Practical on TM Search
Lecture 32Trademark Search assignment
Lecture 33Trademark Registration in US
Lecture 34Logo Design Practical Training
Lecture 35Color Systems - RGB & CMYK
Lecture 36Few Case Studies related to brand names and logos
Lecture 37Brand Logo - Simulation
Lecture 38Non Traditional Trademarking: Colour Trademarking in Pharma Branding
Lecture 39How to protect pharma brands globally?
Lecture 40Rebranding Exercise in Pharmaceutical Industry
Lecture 41Brand Logo Development: Real Life Simulation
Section 5Marketing Plan / Brand Plan Fundamentals
Lecture 42 Basic Understanding how to launch a pharmaceutical product into the market
Lecture 43Marketing Campaign Development
Lecture 44Different Components of Brand Plan
Lecture 45Sectional Analysis of Marketing Plan
Lecture 46Decide about brand USP -What to promote
Lecture 47How to prepare promotogram. Download sample Promotogram
Lecture 48Importance and Handling of Cycle Meeting and its importance
Lecture 49Sample Marketing Plan - Febuxostat
Lecture 50Sample Marketing Plan - Orlistat
Lecture 51Sample Marketing Plan - Pregabalin
Lecture 52New Product Launch Case Study
Lecture 53Aristada - Launch Case Study
Lecture 54Lipaglyn launch in India
Lecture 55CSR Initiatives : Case Based Learning
Lecture 56Practical Approach in Sample Allocation
Section 6Visual Aid and Input Designing
Lecture 57Importance of Visual Aid in Pharma Industry
Lecture 58Fundamentals of preparing visual aid
Lecture 59Indications for Drugs: Approved vs. Non-approved
Lecture 60Case Study : Indication approval to extend the usage of the brands (molecule)
Lecture 61Step by step visual aid development process
Lecture 62Guideline of Visual Aid Designing
Lecture 63Practical Sample to understand visual aid contents and effective placement of the texts
Lecture 64Visual Aid Printing
Lecture 65Detailing and e-detailing
Lecture 66Visual Aid Development - Review
Lecture 67Visual Aid Samples
Lecture 68Tablet vs. Conventional Detailing
Section 7Packaging and Marketing Input creation
Lecture 69Artwork Development Process in PMT Department
Lecture 70Product List and Reminder card development
Lecture 71Catch Cover for Brand Promotion
Lecture 72Packaging Development
Lecture 73Prescribing Information and Patient Information Leaflet development
Lecture 74Pharma Packaging Case Studies
Section 8Analytical Skills
Lecture 75Moving annual total (MAT)
Lecture 76Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR)
Lecture 77Analytical Approach in Determining Brand Potential with case study
Section 9Portfolio Management Skills for Product Manager
Lecture 78Advance understanding of the portfolio Management
Lecture 79Co-promotion & Co-marketing strategy in pharma industry
Lecture 80Concept of Reverse co-promotion in pharma industry
Lecture 81In-Licensing Vs. Outlicensing
Lecture 82Importance of Publications in Pharmaceutical Industry
Lecture 83Juxtapid Case Study
Lecture 84New Indication Approval Process and Promotion
Lecture 85OTC Switch
Lecture 86Para IV Filing - Generic Marketing Strategy
Lecture 87Evergreening - Patent Life Extension Strategies
Lecture 88Case Study: Pharma companies taking toll after patent expiry
Lecture 89Rx to OTC Switch Case Study
Section 10Finance for non-finance manager
Section 11Case Study Directory
Section 12Conference Management Skills Development
Section 13Promotion Regulation: FAQs
Section 14Celebrity Endorsement in Pharmaceuticals
Section 15Clinical Trial Understanding for Product Manager
Section 16Case Study
Lecture 96Indication Approval for bigger market
Lecture 97Entresto TV commercial Debate
Lecture 98Reverse payment patent settlement
Lecture 99Novartis Cannabilization strategy for Tasigna
Lecture 100Humira, (adalimumab), Abbvie - 2016 Biggest Patent Expiry and Biosimilar entry
Lecture 101Packaging Innovation as a part of product differentiating strategy in pharmaceuticals
Lecture 102skill training programmes for clinicians and surgeons
Lecture 103Importance of Key Opinion Leader (KOL) in pharmaceutical industry
Lecture 104Patient Awareness Initiative for brand promotion
Lecture 105DRL'S HAiROOTZ™ launch
Lecture 106AstraZeneca's launch of Forxiga in India
Lecture 107Diversifying product portfolio with acquisition
Lecture 108AstraZeneca's Healthy Heart Africa programme
Lecture 109Merck & Pfizer - Copromotion deal of Xalkori
Lecture 110Launching Case Study - 2baconil™
Lecture 111Eli Lilly's Trulicity (dulaglutide), once-a-week drug for type 2 diabetes
Lecture 112Gelusil's ready-to-consume sachet
Lecture 113Positioning of Brand "Eno" by GSK
Lecture 114Brand offloading trend in global pharmaceutical business