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pharma product management course


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Course Objective: Certificate Course in Product Management is conceptualized with vision to create effective Product Manager for Pharma Industry. This course gives practical knowledge / real life job simulation for Pharma Product Management.

This course gives practical knowledge / real life job simulation for Pharma Product Management.How product manager works in pharma company.

1. Orientation to job related practical aspects of the PMT is covered in this course

2. Simulation to real life working in PMT.

3. Access to Industry Databank – Visual Aids, Leave Behind Literature, Catch Cover etc.

4. Access to Pharmaceutical Case Studies

5. Attend Live Lectures of all different chapters / study content.

  • The Internationally Accredited course – Accredited by International Association of Distance Learning (IADL), UK
  •  Knowledge Process Enhancer is registered under Trademark Registry of India, under class 42.

B.Pharma/D.Pharma/ B.Sc/ Any graduates or those who are in 3rd / final year of those courses, who want to make career in pharmaceutical marketing can pursue the course.

16500 Indian Rupees (for payment from India)

USD 330 (for payment other than India).

KPE-C-045-Pharmaceutical Product Management

(w.e.f 15th of April, 2011)

The Pharmaceutical Market – Global Pharmaceutical Market, Indian Pharmaceutical Market 

  • Regulatory environment in pharmaceutical industry
  • Prescription vs. OTC market
  • Understanding of Pharmaceutical Marketing
  • What is marketing? (Brief understanding and Definitions), Significance of marketing in pharmaceutical business, Customer vs. consumer, Pharmaceutical market vs. consumer market, Basic elements of Marketing Mix (4 P’s)
  • Pharmaceutical product management – Introduction, Product management team, Job Profile, Key Skills, what pharma company expects from brand / product manager, Product management vs. sales, Hierarchy in pharmaceutical product management and sales, Product Management Process
  • Practical aspects of pharmaceutical brand management
  • Pharmaceutical market segmentation – Understanding of market segmentation, Types of segmentation, Bases for pharmaceutical market segmentation, Importance of segmentation, Case study: Market Segmentation
  • Targeting & Positioning
  • Marketing Plan – Introduction, component of marketing plan, how to write. Strategy vs. Tactics, Strategic and tactical planning
  • Market Research – Objective, Importance, types,  Industry or Market segment research, Prescriber’s (Doctors) research, Consumer Research (Patients), Competitor Research
  • Situational Analysis – Objective, types.
  • SWOT Analysis
  • PEST Analysis
  • GAP Analysis
  • Porter’s five force analysis
  • Branding – Understanding of branding, Importance of branding in Pharma, Branding Strategies, Process of brand name selection, Brand name and Logo, Punch line / tagline creation for brand, Positioning statements & Unique Selling Propositions (USPs)
  • Product briefing – Product differentiation, Product differentiation tools, Product Mix and Product Lines, Role of product innovation in pharma
  • Product lifecycle and portfolio management
  • Price strategies – Understanding of pricing in pharma industry, Pricing strategy
  • Distribution strategies – Understanding of distribution channel, Importance in pharma industry Intermediaries in pharma distribution channel – Super distributor, C & F agents, Stockiest or Distributor, Retailer, Levels of Distribution in pharma industry, Case study: Distribution
  • Marketing communication Strategies (Promotional strategies)
  • Promotional campaign development – Understanding of promotional campaign, Objectives of campaign, Promotional inputs in pharma, Visual Aids creation and detailing story writing, LBL creation, Reminder Card, Catch cover designing
  • Basic Printing knowledge for Product Manager
  • Basic finance for product manager
  • Training Management Skills for Product Manager
  • Conference management skills for product manager


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Section 1Drug Regulation Fundamentals
Section 2Product Management Job
Section 3Brand Logo, Branding and Trademark Process
Section 4Brand Plan / Marketing Plan
Section 5Market Research
Section 6Visual Aid and Input Designing
Section 7Packaging and Marketing Input creation
Section 8Portfolio Management
Section 9Basic Finance for Pharma managers
Section 10Visual Aid Samples
Section 11Marketing Plan Sample
Section 12Patent Expiry in 2015
Section 13Case Study Directory
Section 14Conference Management
Section 15Re-branding Exercise
Section 16Promotion Regulation FAQs
Section 17Tablet Detailing Vs. Conventional Detailing
Section 18Celebrity Endorsement
Section 19Registering Trademark Globally
Section 20Clinical Trial Understanding for Product Manager
Section 21CME basics for Product Manager