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Pharma marketing course

Course Objective: Advance Diploma in Pharmaceutical Marketing is conceptualized with vision to create effective Marketing / Business Development Manager for Pharma Industry. This course gives practical knowledge of the functionalities of Pharma Manager with practical exposure.

Features of the Course:

1. Orientation to job related practical aspects of the pharma management is covered in this course

2. Simulation to real life working in pharma management.

3. Understanding/ Decision Making/ Strategy Creation in the field of  Pharmaceutical management.

4. 143 Case Live Pharmaceutical Case Study (Online Data bank) File for easy understanding in the process of sales Strategy Creation.

4. Support : Resume Development, Placement Assistance.

Course Accreditation 

  • The Internationally Accredited course – Accredited by International Association of Distance Learning (IADL), UK
  •  Knowledge Process Enhancer is registered under Trademark Registry of India, under class 42.

B.Pharma/D.Pharma/ B.Sc/ Any graduates or those who are in 3rd / final year of those courses, who want to make career in pharmaceutical marketing can pursue the course.


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  • Upon admission you will be providing the user id and password to access all the content online.
  • You will also be receiving the soft copy of the e-module (which you can download from your dashboard).

Course registrant will be receiving hard copy of the printed module within India only. 

International participant will be receiving pdf modules (books) by email.

Section 1Basics of Marketing
Lecture 1Marketing - 4Ps
Lecture 2Marketing Communication Process
Lecture 3Marketing Environment & competitor analysis – SWOT & PEST
Lecture 4Factors affecting Marketing
Lecture 5Competition & Competitors
Lecture 6 Targeting, Segmentation & Positioning
Lecture 7Concept of Differentiation
Section 2Pharma Marketing - Orientation
Lecture 8Introduction to Pharma Marketing
Lecture 9Pharma Sales Vs. Marketing
Lecture 10Difference between Pharma Marketing and FMCG marketing
Section 3Product
Lecture 11Basic concepts of product
Lecture 12Product Differentiation
Lecture 13Concept of Product Mix & Product Lines
Lecture 14Brand Decisions Product Development Process
Section 4Product Life Cycle
Lecture 15Introduction to Product Lifecycle
Lecture 16Product Life Cycle Management
Lecture 17Case Study in Pharma brand product lifecyle management
Section 5Price
Lecture 18Introduction to Price
Lecture 19Price in Marketing Mix?
Lecture 20Pricing - Classifications
Lecture 21Pricing strategies
Lecture 22Price Control in Pharmaceutical Market
Lecture 23Case Study - Cost Based Pricing
Lecture 24Case Study - Market Based Pricing
Section 6Logistics
Lecture 25Introduction to Logistics
Lecture 26Distribution System in Pharmaceutical market
Lecture 27Pharmaceutical Distribution Channels
Lecture 28single channel v/s multiple channel strategies
Lecture 29MRP - fixation
Lecture 30Role & Responsibilities of chemist
Lecture 31Practical Training in preparing price list in pharma
Section 7Marketing Research
Lecture 32Introduction: Nature, scope and importance
Lecture 33Factors influencing marketing research decisions
Lecture 34Marketing Research Process
Lecture 35Research design: Exploratory, descriptive and conclusive
Lecture 36Problem identification
Lecture 37Methods of data collection
Lecture 38Sampling Plan: Sampling method, sample size, designing of questionnaire, Field investigation
Lecture 39Data processing: Editing, coding, classification and tabulation
Lecture 40Data analysis: Hypothesis testing
Lecture 41Examples of Market Research
Section 8Promotion
Lecture 42 Integrated Marketing Mix – Introduction, objective
Lecture 43Communication Mix
Lecture 44Marketing Communication Process
Lecture 45Factors affecting communication mix
Lecture 46Media Mix
Lecture 47 Developing a communication campaign
Lecture 48Budegeting for marketing communication Issues in pharma product promotion
Lecture 49DTC advertisement
Section 9Pharma Brand Management
Lecture 50Branding and its potential within the pharmaceutical industry
Lecture 51Building brand values and brand strateg
Lecture 52Concept of Brand Loyalty
Lecture 53The role of advertising in branding pharmaceuticals
Lecture 54Product Manager – Job Responsibility, Hierarchy & Career prospect
Lecture 55Pharma Brand Plan
Lecture 56Tools of pharmaceutical promotion
Lecture 57How to design marketing campaign
Lecture 58Pharma Visual Aid - Component
Section 10Strategic Planning in Pharma Marketing
Lecture 59Brand Strategy
Lecture 60Brand Strategy - Types
Lecture 61Strategy for new product launch
Lecture 62Market Forecasting
Lecture 63Sample Brand Plan
Lecture 64Co-promotion
Lecture 65Co-marketing
Section 11International Marketing
Lecture 66Basis of international trade
Lecture 67Theories of international trade, Adam Smith, Ricardo
Lecture 68Difference between domestic and international marketing
Lecture 69EPRG framework
Lecture 70Scanning of international environment
Lecture 71Factors affecting international trade
Lecture 72Methods of entry
Lecture 73WTO/GATT
Lecture 74Importance of market research in international marketing
Lecture 75 International product planning
Section 12Pricing strategies in International Marketing
Lecture 76Methods of pricing - and its impact on pricing factors affecting international prices
Lecture 77Pricing an international product
Lecture 78Transfer pricing
Lecture 79Exchange rates
Lecture 80Dumping and anti-dumping regulations
Section 13Drug Development Strategies,
Lecture 81Drug Development Fundamental
Lecture 82Blockbuster Drug Management Strategies
Lecture 83Clinical Trial for Lifecycle Management
Lecture 84Clinical Trial for Lifecycle Management
Section 14Career in Pharma Marketing
Lecture 85In Product Management
Lecture 86In Pharma Sales
Lecture 87In Pharma Business Development
Lecture 88Pharma Strategic Management
Lecture 89Tips in Pharma Marketing
Section 15Pharma Sales
Lecture 90Fundamental of Pharma Sales
Lecture 91RCPA
Lecture 92PCPM
Lecture 93Know-how Pharma Sales
Lecture 94Job Resposibilities of Pharma Sales Professionals at various level
Lecture 95Techniques of Pharma Selling