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17 Jul 2019

In which class should be register the food supplement?

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International trademark classes Food Supplement should be in class 5 (same class of pharmaceuticals). 

Major Class: Food supplements belongs to class 5. 

dietary supplement regulatory affairs

Under that sub classes are 

  1. Mineral food supplements
  2. Medicated food supplements
  3. Dietary food supplements
  4. Anti-oxidant food supplements
  5. Food supplements for sportsmen
  6. Mineral supplements to foodstuffs Antibiotic food supplements for animals Food supplements for medical purposes Vitamin and mineral food supplements Food supplements for dietetic use Food supplements for veterinary use Food supplements in liquid form
  7. Calcium tablets as a food supplement Food supplements consisting of amino acids F
  8. Food supplements consisting of trace elements
  9. Food supplements for non-medical purposes
  10. Medicated supplements for foodstuffs for animals Health food supplements made principally of vitamins
  11. Health food supplements made principally of minerals Dietary food supplements used for modified fasting
  12. Vitamin preparations in the nature of food supplements Bee pollen for use as a dietary food supplement

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