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21 Sep 2016

Himalaya’s streategy to launch pre and post natal care segment products under Himalaya For Moms

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The Himalaya Drug Company will now expand its presence in Mother Care segment with the introduction of dedicated products for expecting and new mums.

Himalaya is already having Baby Care Segment which is growing well at present.

The product portfolio introduced under the ‘Himalaya For Moms’ umbrella brand includes safe, effective and clinically tested product such as Soothing Body Butter, Toning Massage Oil, Anti-Rash Cream and Nipple Care Butter. 


Announcing the launch, Philipe Haydon, chief executive officer at The Himalaya Drug Company said, the Moms  range of  products have been formulated based on years of research, and combine the goodness of herbs with the principles of aromatherapy. The range will cater to specific requirements of pre and post-natal mother care such as dry skin, soreness of nipples and pregnancy rashes. We are hoping these products make the journey of motherhood a lot healthier and happier.”

“It is presently a niche market space, but offers immense opportunity. Every minute, 26 million children are born in India. That means, we have 26 million mothers who need care and attention. Himalaya is already a leading player in the baby care segment, with an extensive range of herbal baby care products. The decision to enter the mother care space comes as a natural extension, as we want to provide safe, effective personal care solutions to both mums and babies,” he added.

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