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24 Apr 2020

Global Licensing Agreement Case study: ProThera Biologics and Takeda to Develop Novel Plasma-Derived Therapy Based on Inter-alpha Inhibitor Proteins (IAIP)

ProThera Biologics, Inc. and Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited have entered into a global licensing agreement to develop a novel plasma-derived Inter-alpha Inhibitor Proteins (IAIP) therapy for the treatment of acute inflammatory conditions.

Early research has indicated that this IAIP technology has the potential to deliver a highly innovative, disease-modifying treatment for a range of acute inflammatory diseases. In such conditions, dysregulated inflammation plays a key role in the pathology, and there are no effective treatments available today. IAIP are naturally occurring proteins that circulate in the blood, and extensive research at ProThera has shown that these proteins play an essential role in human health by controlling inflammation. They exert their anti-inflammatory effects through multiple mechanisms and have the potential to change the paradigm of treatment for patients with dysregulated immune responses. During acute illnesses, however, the levels of these anti-inflammatory proteins rapidly decline.

A replenishment strategy for patients using Inter-alpha Inhibitors is supported by numerous preclinical studies.

As part of the agreement, ProThera and Takeda will work together on IND-enabling activities, with development led by Takeda’s dedicated Plasma Derived Therapies R&D organization. The broad collaboration will also explore the development of companion diagnostics with the goal of personalizing patient treatment and maximizing real-world outcomes. Takeda will assume responsibility for funding all development and commercialization activities. The financial terms of the licensing agreement are not being disclosed.

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