Frequently asked question related to KPE courses

What is the eligibility criteria for the course?

Advance Diploma / Certificate Course – Graduation in any discipline. 3rd and Final year graduation students can undergo the course.

Executive Program – Graduation in any discipline and minimum work experience 2 years in managerial role is mandatory for admission.

How to access the course lectures, case studies, self assessment modules, etc?

You can access all the online contents like ectures, case studies, resources like dictionary etc through personalized web page.

For attending the lectures kindly follow the mentioned process:
1. Login in with user id and password
2. Click on your user name appearing in top right corner to move to your dashboard.
3. Click confirmed course / Attended Course > Start course to view the contents

Step 1 - Dashboard - Introduction

You are recommended should attend the lectures one after another as mention in the course map as topics are designed in foundation to advance modules for effective understanding.

How courses are different from other providers?

At NCK, we are committed to providing the highest quality of on the job learning. All our topics are designed with real life practical simulation.  Additionally, our training platform combines the convenience of online training with the live interactivity – Quizzes, case studies, break-out sessions, polling and assessments.

What kind of equipment do I need for training?

You only require Computer / any smart device with internet access. All our courses mobile device compatible. You can access the courses from mobile too. Headphone will be ideal for listening the lectures effectively.

Do I need to install any application?

You do not require to install any application / program in your system. Entire program being cloud based, you require to open in browser and login with your credential to start accessing the course.

What if I lose my login info?

You can visit On the top sign in button you click, and then you can reset the password by following onscreen instruction.

Alternatively, You can mail us to or take help of Live Chat Support. We will send you the user id and password to access in your email id.

Do I receive books?

Yes. You will be receiving the printable pdf books (apart form all online lectures,case studies etc.) based on which particular course you opted for. You can download the same and save at your system. You can print the book as and when you require.

How to register for final examination?

you can register by clicking the following link –

When I can take the final examination?

You can block examination atleast 7 days before the final examination date. Everyday there are 4 time slot available. 9 AM, 1 PM, 4 PM and 7 pm (local time).

Can I change registered final examination date and time?

Yes you can upto 72 hours before. But within 72 hours of exam time you will not be able to change the date.

Can I write my final examination anytime after expiry of the course?

In case you have enrolled the course but due to some unavoidable reason, could not able to write the final examination within course access period, you can write final examination after scheduled period paying additional Final Examination fees of 1180/- or 20 USD. Note: There will be no fees for final examination if you write within stipulated course time frame.

What if I failed to pass / could not attend the examination?

You need to reappear for RE-EXAMINATION. You will be able to appear the RE-EXAMINATION only after 30 days from the date of previous examination.
You need to take the RE-EXAMINATION date and appear as per the approved date.

Is there any exam fees for final examination?

No. There is no separate fees you need to pay for final examination or RE-EXAMINATION.

What is the pattern of final examination?

Generally final examination will have 150 marks.
Time duration – Max. 3 hours (varies). Duration can be varying from 1 hour to 3 hour, and also number of questions also vary accordingly.
Types of questions: Multiple choice Objective type, short explanatory type.

What is total certification marks and grades?

For Advance Diploma and 1 Month Certificate Course

Total certification marks is 200

Internal Assessment – 50
Final Examination – 150

More than 75% – Distinction
More than 60% – 1st Class
More than 50% – Pass Class

For One week / Workshops etc

Total certification marks is 100

Internal Assessment – 70
Final Examination – 30

For certification you need to secure 50% of overall and individually in Internal Assessment and Final Examination.
In case of RE-EXAMINATION grades will not be available. Only PASS grade will be provided.

When I can register for final examination?

For 1 Month Certificate course – After 28 days you can take the final examination. Up to 40 days from registration you are eligible to take the examination.
For 1 Year Advance Diploma Program – After 11th month i.e 12th month you can take your final examination up to 14th month.

Before 7 days of scheduled date of examination you can register for the final examination date and time.

When I will be getting my certification after successfully passing the final examination?

You will be receiving the final examination result immediately with 72 hours of final examination. Certificate will be issued in next 7 working days time.

Do I get the certificate after completion of the course?

Yes. You will be awarded with certificate after successful completion of the course.

NCK issues learners one of two types of e-certificates. The types of e-certificates are described below.

Course Participation Certificate: On completion of course schedule duration, learner will be issued the course participation certificate.

Course Gradation Certificate: On successful completion of the course online final examination, course certificate with % secured and grades will be issued.

How should I take admission? What are the steps I need to follow for taking admission?

You can view the admission process / download application form by clicking the link below

Fill Up Course Application Form

I have further doubts. How should I clarify?

Option 1: You can mail us at
Option 2: You can submit details through the Query / Contact us form  or Live Chat button appearing in left side on your dashboard.

Whatspp: @+91-7892456581

How the course modules are scheduled?

Course Modules contain 2 types – Printed Modules (Books) and Online Access. Once Admission happens immediately you will be receiving the complete set of printed modules (books) in your correspondence address. Immediately, you can access the online page by visiting your dashboard. Generally you can start access the course immediately within 6-12 hours after payment  (in case of payment through online payment gateway). Incase of payment through Demand Draft, access will be provided after realization payment.

Can I complete the Advance Diploma course within 6 months?

You can convert the course (after enrolling) into the Fast Track Conversion, where you can write/ take examination immediately upon completion of the study modules based on your convenience. Infact you can schedule your examination based on your convenience.

What are the differences between advance diploma, certificate course and executive program

Differences of different types of courses
Features Certificate Course Advance Diploma Executive Program
Duration 1 Month / 1 Week 1 Year 1 Year
Eligibility Graduation in Any discipline Graduation in Any discipline Graduation in Any discipline, work experience of 2 Year mandatory for admission

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