Final Exam 21.12.2019

Final Certification Examination: 

Password for final examination 7453

(4 digit number need to be provided for authentication)

Important Notes:

1. You can take examination from your laptop / PCs. Please do not use mobile phone or other devices. 
2. Final Examination link and password is for SINGLE ACCESS only.
3. Once you reach exam URL (after filling up the form), you can feed your credentials to process to exam.
Provide the password as mentioned in above.
1. Examination remaining time is displaying top right ​corner. ​
2. In case of Short Answer Type Question – you need to type your answer in 2-3 lines. This section is concept based section, so keep sufficient time in hand to answer that. 
3. During the examination Do not open / refer or any related web content during your examination. 
4. Once you want to complete please click the Finish button and submit the test result. For confirmation please click twice.
5. Result will be published within 48 hours of the examination.

Start Examination by filling up the form below. Once started, it will take you to exam page. It will ask for password. 


Password for final examination 7453

[ipt_fsqm_form id=”24″]

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