KPE-P-066 (Book) An Alternative Approach To Experimental Pharmacology By Dr. Himanshu Joshi

Experimental Pharmacology By Dr. Himanshu Joshi

Item Code: KPE-P-066

Book Name: An Alternative Approach To Experimental Pharmacology

Author: Dr. Himanshu Joshi 

ISBN: 978-93-5254-421-9

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Recent Edition: Edition 2


Item Description: 238 Pages of paperback book

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‘This book, true to its title, is an alternative approach to Experimental Pharmacology. There is a lot of information for the student’s perusing Pharmacology programs. As described in the book chick and goat tissues will provide alternative models for Pharmacology experiments, obviating the need for animal ethical clearance. It also provides cheep experimental subjects.’

Dr. K. Sreedhara Ranganath Pai, Professor & Head, Department of Pharmacology, Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Manipal University, Manipal.

Dr. Himanshu has included in this book some of the basic experiments traditionally done by students of pharmacology, innovating in design and procedures without hurting the progressive society’s ethical concerns and at the same time manipulates viable alternative to the new generation within the ambit of the loss on animal welfare. I am sure that this book will provide new impetus required for the Experimental Pharmacology.  

Dr. D. Satyanarayana  M.Pharm, Ph.D, Emeritus Professor, Vikas Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences Rajahmundry, A.P.

This book entitled “An alternative approach to Experimental Pharmacology” provides comprehensive knowledge of pharmacological experiments and also helps in understanding various In-vitro and In-vivo models to carry out the experiments.  This book will be definitely useful to students of B. Pharm, M. Pharm and also for the research scholars. It is worth having this book in the library as reference book.

-Dr. Chandrashekar. K.S, Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacognosy, Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Manipal.

I applaud publication of your wonderful book entitled “An alternative approach to experimental Pharmacology”. Today the animal studies are almost banned; you have provided a book giving alternative approaches to experimental Pharmacology. 

Dr. Arun. B. Joshi, Professor, Department of Pharmacognosy, Goa College of Pharmacy, Goa.

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