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9 Jun 2016

Excelra, Astellas Pharma enter drug repurposing collaboration

Excelra, Asia’s leading knowledge solutions company, has entered into a strategic drug repurposing collaboration with Tokyo-based pharmaceutical company, Astellas Pharma Inc. The collaboration is focused on identifying novel therapeutic indications for a number of undisclosed Astellas’ shelved pharma assets.

Drug Repurposing at Excelra is driven by its proprietary platform called GRIP-Global Repurposing Integrated Platform. The platform uses unique algorithm driven techniques that allow you to expedite drug centric, disease centric and target centric repurposing of marketed and failed/shelved compounds. Excelra partners with clients to offer end-to-end drug repurposing collaborative research services starting form In-silico hypothesis generation to IND enabling studies. The collaboration offers a unique proposition to combine technology with scientific expertise in deciphering novel Mechanism of Actions using drug-disease-target relationships, to identify alternative indications for existing assets.

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