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29 Mar 2020

Evox partnership with Takeda Pharmaceutical for rare disease

Evox Therapeutics Ltd, a leading exosome therapeutics company, announced the signing of a rare disease-focused partnership with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited. The multi-target collaboration is focused on developing up to five novel protein replacement and mRNA therapies, including Evox’s preclinical programme in Niemann-Pick disease type C (NPC) and a second new programme directed at another undisclosed rare disease. As part of the deal, Takeda also has the option to select up to three additional rare disease targets.

The partnership with Takeda enables Evox to continue advancing its proprietary exosome-based targeting and delivery technology, while also leveraging Takeda’s extensive development and clinical expertise to advance these partnered programmes into the clinic.

Deal structure

  • Under the terms of the agreement, Evox will be eligible to receive up to US$ 44 million in upfront, near-term milestone payments and research funding. In total, Evox is eligible to receive approximately US$ 882 million in upfront, development, and commercial milestone payments from Takeda. Evox will also receive tiered royalties on net sales of each product.Evox will be primarily responsible for research and development activities for each programme until IND-enabling studies and for manufacturing up to and including phase 1 clinical trials. Takeda will reimburse Evox for manufacturing costs incurred after the pre-clinical handover of the programmes.

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