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2 Jun 2015

Emami acquires Kesh King’s hair and scalp care business

Emami Ltd has acquired the hair and scalp care business of Kesh King from Himachal Pradesh-based SBS Biotech Pvt. Ltd for Rs.1,651 crore.
Emami is new to the Ayurvedic hair and scalp care segment. As per deal, promoter of SBS Biotech Sanjeev Juneja’s brand portfolio of Ayurvedic medicinal oil, herbal shampoo and conditioner and Ayurvedic capsules along with its formulations, assets, rights and liabilities including working capital will be transferred to Emami.
Kesh King and allied brands had a revenue of Rs.300 crore in 2014-15 and have been growing at an average of 68% a year for the last three years, said Harsh Agarwal, director, Emami. He did not disclose the profits made by the privately held company but said that their margins were better than Emami’s.

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