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1 Jan 2016

Eisai acquired generic pharma Liaoning Tianyi Biological

Eisai Co., Ltd. announced that regarding the acquisition of Chinese generic pharmaceutical company Liaoning TianYi Biological Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd located at Benxi, Liaoning Province in China.

Eisai’s business in China has a history spanning almost 25 years. Eisai entered the China market in 1991 through a joint venture company, and in 1996 established Eisai China Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary which has manufacturing and marketing functions. Furthermore, Eisai established Eisai (Suzhou) Trading Co., Ltd. in 2010 to directly import and trade licensed products, and its business is firmly entrenched in the region. In December 2014, Eisai newly established Eisai China Holdings Ltd. as a holding company in China to manage these two companies. Furthermore, the acquired company Eisai (Liaoning) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has also become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Eisai China Holdings Ltd.


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