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16 May 2015

DRL launches Innovator Brand of Citicoline – Somazina in India by partnering with Ferrer Internacional, Spain

somazina-citicolineDr Reddy’s Laboratories (DRL) has launched Somazina, the innovator brand of Citicoline in the Indian market. DRL has partnered with the global innovator of Citicoline, Ferrer Internacional, Spain, to make Somazina available in India. This product has been used for the treatment of post-stroke patients around the world.

Somazina is indicated for improving cognitive function in patients who have suffered from stroke or cerebral infarction, or who have undergone a brain surgery or have suffered from head injuries. Citicoline is a widely used neuro-protectant to help accelerate the recovery of these patients. It is used in both ischemic and haemorrhagic strokes, and provides a compelling option to physicians treating stroke patients.

Alok Sonig, Senior Vice President and Head of India Business, DRL said, “We are excited about the partnership with Ferrer and launch of Somazina which addresses significant unmet need in patients, whose quality of life gets severely compromised after having a stroke. With the launch of Somazina and our recent acquisition of Nootropil, through the UCB brands’ acquisition, we look forward to building our presence in the neurology segment and making a difference to the lives of patients who have had the misfortune to suffer a stroke.”

About Somazina

Somazina Citicoline 500mg is a water soluble Nootropic that is reported to help improve memory, increase attention span, enhance focus, concentration, and more. It falls into the acetylcholine supplement category of Nootropics because this compound can increase levels of this important neurotransmitter in your brain. In addition to being used as an off-label cognitive enhancer or brain booster it is also taking by people suffering from conditions as varied as age-related cognitive decline to ADHD and Alzheimer’s.

Citicoline is sold in over 70 countries under a variety of brand names: Ceraxon, Cognizin, NeurAxon, Somazina, Synapsine, etc.

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