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24 Jun 2015

Dr. Reddy’s launches HAiROOTZ™ in India – its first OTC hair growth supplement

Dr. Reddy’s announced the launch of HAiROOTZ™, the first hair growth supplement to be marketed in India as over-the-counter (OTC) by the company. HAiROOTZ™ comes from the same branch of business that markets MINTOP, the No. 1 dermatologist recommended brand in the country.hairootz

Studies reveal that more than 58% of men aged 30-50 years suffer from a common type of hair loss1, due to modern lifestyles which has brought about various nutrition related deficiencies and diseases, hair loss being one of them. HAiROOTZ™ provides key nutrients needed for maintaining healthy hair. Stressful lifestyles often lead to hair greying and hair loss. HAiROOTZ’s unique formula has grape seed extract containing potent antioxidants, which are 20 times greater than Vitamins E & C 2. Other key ingredients include Biotin which helps prevent excessive hair loss, minerals which have shown to reduce hair thinning, breakage and prevent dandruff and greying. It also includes key amino acids which would promote hair growth by improved blood circulation to hair roots.

HAiROOTZ™ comes in innovative and consumer friendly packaging with following innovations offered for the first time to ensure consumer compliance.

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