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About BMW Poster:

Bio-medical waste (BMW) means “any solid and/or liquid waste including its container and any intermediate product, which is generated during the diagnosis, treatment or immunization of human beings or animals.

Biomedical waste poses hazard due to two principal reasons – the first is infectivity and other toxicity.

Segregation refers to the basic separation of different categories of waste generated at source and thereby reducing the risks as well as cost of handling and disposal. Segregation is the most crucial step in bio-medical waste management.

This poster brief in detail how biomedical wastes should be segregated.

Specifications of the Poster:

Poster Name: Segregation of Biomedical Waste (BMW) Poster
Size: Printable Size of the poster: 420X297 mm / A3 Size
File Size: 6.40 MB
Nature of File: High Resolution PDF
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