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The IPR department in pharmaceutical industry works in protecting the innovation. Objective of the course is to provide the platform to understand the working of pharmaceutical industry, Research & Development aspects and its relevance with respect to intellectual property rights.

In this online self-paced modules, participant will be understanding about the drug development to commercialization process and innovation protection strategies.

Course Code: KPE-C-65

Course Duration: 7 days / 1 week

Who should attend this course? 

  • Those who want to learn specific IPR issues in pharmaceutical industry
  • Professionals from drug discovery development
  • Anyone requiring an in-depth understanding in strategic planning for the pharmaceutical R&D
  • Fresher/Beginners, Those who want to make a career in pharmaceutical IPR
Section 1Course Introduction and Orientation
Section 2Fundamental Training on Pharma R&D
Lecture 2Overview of Pharma R&D
Lecture 3Investigational New Drug
Lecture 4New Drug Application
Lecture 5Concept of Generic Drugs
Section 3Introduction to IPR
Lecture 6General Understanding about IPR
Lecture 7Patent
Lecture 8Trademark
Lecture 9Process Patent Vs. Product Patent
Section 4Practical Training IPR in pharmaceuticals
Lecture 10Handling Orange Book
Lecture 11Patent Filing Process
Lecture 12Handling Pharmaceutical Trademark
Lecture 13Trademark Search Assignment
Lecture 14Trademark Filing Process
Section 5Licensing in pharmaceutical Industry
Lecture 15Strategic Overview
Lecture 16Licesing (In Vs. Out)
Lecture 17Compulsory Licensing
Lecture 18Technology Transfer
Section 6Evergreening Strategies
Lecture 19Strategies for Evergreening
Lecture 20Para IV Filing - Pratical Understanding
Section 7Case Studies
Section 8Final Examination