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kperegsiteredlogoBranding plays vital role in Pharmaceutical industry and indeed pharma companies are spending huge for designing brand logo, which provides identity for the brand. Indeed lot of brainstorming and involvement required for designing and creating brand identity. You’ll discover the answers in this course.

Explore through case studies the essential skills required to design logos, marketing materials, and advertising programs to establish and promote a brand identity.

In this course step by step you will be observing how brand logo is designed and which is further used in the different marketing/ promotional / packaging materials.

Also, we will be focusing how Redesigning Projects works in pharma industry – How to handle and execute the same.

This short course will be providing great deal of practical understanding in

  • Exploring through case studies the essential skills required to design logos, marketing materials, and advertising programs to establish and promote a brand identity.
  • Designing or redesigning brand identities for establishing businesses.

Course Objectives:

Participant can learn how to:

  • Develop an understanding of the different components of a brand identity and the designer’s role in developing it.
  • Research and design logos for three different companies, exploring differences in concept development.
  • Develop an understanding of how brand identity is influenced by brand business strategy.
  • How to prepare a Logo Manual – which describes the details of usage pattern of the brand logo – with Do’s and Don’ts.

Course Syllabus:

Chapter 1 : Introduction to Global Pharma Industry

First of all, course will be covering in details dynamics of the Global Pharma Industry. Top Players revenue wise and also Top brands in Pharma Industry.

Chapter 2 :  A brief discussion on Brand Identify

What is brand identity? How brand identity plays vital role in Pharmaceutical marketing? Classifications of the brand identity.

Chapter 3 : Designing a Brand logo

What skills do you need to design a great brand logo? These characteristics will be discussed in Lesson. Component of brand logo. Logo designing process. In real life case study, you’ll observe how to design a logo and visual identity for a complete company product line in the exercise. Brand logo colour optimization – Single, Two-colour or multicolour logo – Which one will be ideal? Key learning includes – Component of brand logo, Creating tagline / punchline, designing of suitable numeric, optimizing fonts for the brand logo.

Chapter 4 : Brand Logo manual designing

In this chapter, you will be understanding how to prepare the brand logo usage manual. Importance and key facts of the brand logo presentation is discussed. Designs basics including colour formats, types of logo output etc. are briefed in detail.

Chapter 5 Case study Brand Logo Designing

This phase demonstrates real life case studies on brand logo from pharmaceutical industry.

Chapter 6 Usage of brand logo in promotional material

Different components of promotional inputs – Components of leave behind literatures, visual aid, catch covers etc. are discusses in depth.

Chapter 7: Rebranding Exercise

What is Re-Branding exercises and its importance. Real life case studies on Re-Branding exercise

Chapter 8: Protection of brand logo as trademark

Importance of brand logo protection? Trademark Registration and its importance. Case study on trademark battles in pharma.

Chapter 9 : How to search trademark

What is the process of the trademark search? How it should be carried out in USPTO? How to file trademark. Process of trademark renewal.

Chapter 10 : Exercises

Brand identity creation and protection process – Effective management of the brand

3 Days. access period will be provided to undergo and complete the course. Course can be accessed throughout the day from any devices with help of internet.



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