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Admission Process

Admission Process

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drug registration in gcc countries



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Course Code: KPE-C-017

Course Title: KPE’s Certificate Program in Drug Registration in GCC Countries

Course Objective: The objective of this course is to impart knowledge and understanding of Drug Registration Procedure in GCC countries, Regulations, Registration procedure, country specific Common Technical Documents, GCC guidelines and dossier preparation.

This online course utilizes interactive learning tools to guide each participant through the steps of drug regulation and registration process for the GCC countries. The course is designed to challenge students and Professionals to apply what they have learned through the use of interactive exercises, reflection questions, expert live chat and a final assessment at the end of the course.

The course can be completed at any place, allowing the user to stop and start at their leisure.

1. Orientation to practical understanding in the entire drug regulation, registration procedure, country specific common Technical Documents, GCC guidelines and drug dossier preparations.

2. Simulation to real life Strategic planning in Drug Registration in GCC countries.

3. Access to Industry Data bank

4. Access to related Case Studies

5. Attend Live Lectures of all different chapters / study content, 24×7 at your convenience from anywhere across the globe.

Upon completion of the admission process, you will be provided the course access. You can attend lectures, case studies and also you can download e-books (modules) from your page. 

On completion of the course duration course completion certificate will be issued.
On completion of the course final examination, course gradation certificate will be issued.

Along with this course you will be provided 1 Week Fundamental Certification course Drug Regulatory Affairs absolutely Free.
You will be provided separate for Add on Course.

You can upgrade to 1 Year Advance Diploma in Drug Regulatory Affairs or 1 Year Executive Program in Drug Regulatory Affairs at the end of the course by paying only difference in course fees. For more information regarding upgrade contact info@nckpahrma.com

Course Flow / Syllabus

Section 1Introduction to Drug Regulatory Affairs - Basic Understanding
Lecture 1R&D Process & Introduction to drug discovery
Lecture 2Investigational New Drug
Lecture 3New Drug Application
Lecture 4Basic concept and understanding of the Generic Drug
Lecture 5Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA)
Lecture 6Review on Drug Discovery and Development
Lecture 7Handling of orange book
Lecture 8Practical Training on INDA, NDA, ANDA filing
Lecture 9Expedited Drug Approval Process
Lecture 10Practical Training on INDA, NDA, ANDA filing
Lecture 11505(j) ANDA, 505(b)(2) NDA, 505(b)(1) NDA
Lecture 12Authorized Generics
Lecture 13Exploratory IND Vs. Traditional IND
Lecture 14Patents Vs. exclusivity 
Lecture 15Orphan Drug & Orphan Drug Act
Lecture 16Advance Learning on 505B2 Pathway
Section 2Clinical Trial & Related Terminologies
Lecture 17Clinical Trials Terminologies
Lecture 18Clinical Trial Protocol Writing
Lecture 19Ethics in Clinical Research
Lecture 20Informed Consent 
Section 3Introduction to GCC Pharma Market
Section 4GCC Vs. Other Region - Regulatory point of view
Section 5GCC Centralized Vs. Decentralized Registration
Section 6Dossier Preparation
Lecture 24The Common Technical Document (CTD) - Introduction
Lecture 25Dossier Preparation Process for pharma exporting
Lecture 26Stability Study Module 1
Lecture 27Modules on Stability Study : Stability Study - Fundamental Understanding | Interchangebility | Reports | API & FPP Stability Study
Section 7Drug Registration in Saudi Arabia
Section 8Documentation Required for the GCC countries
Section 9Drug Registration Process
Lecture 30Drug Registration in UAE
Lecture 31Drug Registration in Other GCC countries
Lecture 32Requirements of the Drug Registration in the United Arab Emirates
Lecture 33Drug Registration Requirement - Qatar
Lecture 34Drug Registration in Kuwait
Lecture 35Drug Registration in Bahrain
Lecture 36Drug Registration in Oman
Section 10GMP
Lecture 37Definition of GMP
Lecture 38Introduction to Good Manufacturing Practices 
Lecture 39Certification Pharmaceutical Companies / Plants
Lecture 40Premises & Plant Layout Designing
Lecture 41Sanitation and Hygiene
Lecture 42Equipment Modules
Lecture 43Production Modules
Lecture 44Documentation
Lecture 45Quality Control
Lecture 46Product Complaint
Lecture 47Storage Module
Section 11DMF & SMF
Lecture 48DMF & SMF
Lecture 49Site Master File
Lecture 50Practical Training on preparing DMF and SMF
Section 12Exporting to GCC: Requirements and Basic Considerations
Lecture 51Stepwise Procedure for Export
Lecture 52Sequences of activities in pharmaceutical export
Lecture 53Export Documents required
Section 13Comparison of Registration Requirement of Different Regulatory Bodies
Section 15Decision Chart for MA using WHO-Type of Product Certificate
Section 16FAQs : GCC Exporting
Section 17Final Certification Examination