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Pharma Visual aid development training


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This course is designed to provide participants with an detailed practical orientation about the pharmaceutical visual aid, how to develop error free, scientific and ethical visual aid.

This e-learning course provide comprehensive idea about the following:

  • Different Types of the promotion / advertisement in pharmaceuticals and bio-pharmaceuticals
  • Importance of pharmaceutical visual aid
  • Components of pharmaceutical visual aid
  • Step by step designing of the visual aid – COPY WRITING, DESIGNING AND PRINTING in detailed
  • Micro aspects of the visual aid development (Do’s and Don’t) with detailed case briefing
  • Printing of the visual aid – Type, paper, Finishing
  • Usage of “Attention Grabber” in Visual aid

This is a practical, hands-on course designed to provide pharmaceutical, comprehensive real life work experience to pharmaceutical product management professionals with the information and tools they require to prepare for and manage a ethical, scientific visual aid. The course is ideal for those who are working in pharmaceutical marketing, pharmaceutical brand management professionals who will be developing or manage visual aid projects .

7 Days 

  • Upon admission you will be providing the user id and password to access all the content online.
  • You will also be receiving the soft copy of the e-module (which you can download from your dashboard).

Section 1Pharma Product Manager's Job orientation
Lecture 1Course Welcome
Lecture 2Role and Responsibilities of Pharma Product Manager
Lecture 3A Quick Thought
Lecture 4Importance of Visual Aid in Pharmaceutical Industry
Section 2VA Component: Brand Logo, Tagline, Brand Name
Lecture 5VA Component: Brand Logo
Lecture 6VA Component: Brand Tagline
Lecture 7VA Component: Brand Name
Section 3Marketing Plan Development - Before Visual aid designing
Lecture 8Fundamental of Pharma Marketing Plan 
Lecture 9Marketing Campaign
Lecture 10New Product Launch Framework
Lecture 11Preparing Detailed Marketing Plan [Before Visual aid Development]
Lecture 12Decide about brand USP -What to promote 
Lecture 13Increase the brand reach with advance segmentation
Lecture 14Concept of uniform branding for better brand acceptability
Lecture 15Concept of Brand Differentiation
Section 4Visual Aid Development
Lecture 16Indications for Drugs: Approved vs. Non-approved 
Lecture 17New Indication Approval [Case Study]
Lecture 18Step By Step Visual Aid Development 
Lecture 19Guideline of Visual Aid Designing:
Lecture 20Practical Sample to understand visual aid contents and effective placement of the texts
Lecture 22Detailing and e-detailing
Lecture 23Marketing Plan followed by Visual Aid Development
Lecture 24Visual Aid, Literature reference Sample
Lecture 25Visual aid detailing story writing
Lecture 26Usage of attention grabber in visual aid
Section 5Artwork Development
Lecture 27Artwork Development Process in PMT Department
Lecture 28Creative Gimmick to develop brand essence
Lecture 29Creative Packaging / Packshot
Lecture 30Conventional Vs. Tab Visual aid
Lecture 31Viusal Aid Sample