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Course Objective:

Section 3(d) of Indian patent Act has been a source of rising debate especially when pharmaceutical companies are considered.

The very objective of having Section 3(d) as an amendment clause to Indian Patent Act was to prevent the “ever-greening” of patents. This was especially to keep a check on patenting of trivial modifications of current patented inventions to extend its monopoly regime. This section sought to prevent ever-greening by disallowing the patenting of a known substance unless it results in an ‘enhancement of the efficacy of that substance’.

In this 3 days online course detailed understanding is provided to Indian Patent System and section 3(d) of Indian Patent Act. Course also provide detailed analysis of same with the recent pharmaceutical cases.

Course also provide strategic planning in handling patenting cases in India.

Who should attend this course?

  • Those who are in intellectual property and regulatory affairs department
  • Professionals from drug discovery development and pharmaceutical strategic management professionals
  • Anyone requiring an overview of indian patent system as far as the pharmaceuticals are considered
  • Those who involves in strategic planning process for pharmaceutical in India

Duration: Access Available for 7 days

Course Code: KPE-C-057

Course Syllabus | Course Flow | Content 

Sections Description Content Study Duration
Part 1 Introduction to Indian Patent System Lecture – 1 | PDF STUDY MODULE |Test – 1 1.30 HR
Part 2 How to search in Patent in Indian Patent Office? Lecture 2 | Test – 1 2.00 HR
Part 3 Section 3(d) of Indian Patent Act Lecture – 1 | PDF STUDY MODULE |Test – 1 1.00 HR
Part 4 Relevance of Orphan Drug Act in the Context of Section 3 (d) Lecture – 1 | PDF STUDY MODULE |Test – 1 1.00 HR
Part 5 Critical Analysis of Section 3(d) of Indian Patent Act 1970 Lecture – 1 | PDF STUDY MODULE |Test – 1 2.00 HR
Part 6 FAQs -Section 3(d) of Indian Patent Act Lecture – 1 | PDF STUDY MODULE |Test – 1 2.00 HR
Part 7 Review | Certification Test |Test – 1 1.00 HR

Certificate will be issued at the end of successful completion of the course.