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Advance Diploma in Pharmaceutical Marketing trains professionals in core areas of marketing, sales and business development. Hence, this course is ideal for the professionals working in the pharmaceutical  pharma marketing, sales management, international marketing, drug discovery, development, market access, forecasting, pricing and pharma product management team. 

The objective of the course is to provide 360 degree practical learning in various operational domains where pharmaceutical management personnel work. This course gives practical knowledge of the functionalities of Pharma Manager with practical exposure.

Course Code: KPE-C-004

Course Title: KPE’s Advance Diploma in Pharmaceutical Marketing

Core Area of Learning: 

  • Drug Development to Commercialization – R&D Process, New Drug Development, Key understanding on New Drug & Generic Drug launching process, innovator biologic and biosimilar, Fundamental understanding on clinical trial terminologies.
  • Pharma Market Research, Market Access & Pricing – Introduction to Market Access | Objectives | Various Key Terminologies | Steps of Market Access | Market Access Landscape | Understanding on Pricing and Reimbursement| Market Access Strategic Planning : Steps and Logical Sequencing for Market Access Strategy Development | Indication Sequencing | Indication Prioritization | Development of Indication Timeline | Indication Matrix | Value Based Indication Prioritization |Market Access Value Dossier | AMCP value dossier preparation | Target product profile (TPP) | Quality Target product profile (QTPP) | Critical Quality Attributes (CQAs) | Quality By Design (QbD) | Drug Payment Methodologies | Forecasting Models and Techniques | Market Sizing Tools
  • Pharma Marketing and branding Strategic Planning.
  • In depth training on Licensing in pharmaceutical industry – In Licensing Vs. Out licensing, Co-development, co-marketing, Co-promotion, Reverse Copromotion, distribution licensing etc.
  • Basics of advertising, handling of advertising agency. Understanding of advertising concepts.
  • Brand logo designing – Practical real-life learning. Trademarking – Brand protection for the brand.
  • Marketing Plan and brand plan development. Sectional analysis of the marketing plan. Deciding and promoting brand USP. Brand Promotion Plan and Promotogram development. Sample allocation. CSR initiatives and Campaigns Case based marketing strategy discussion.
  • Practical training on visual aid development. Step by step visual development process, understanding on various component of visual aid and visual aid detailing story writing.
  • Marketing input creation – Artwork development process for LBL, product literature, DHCP letter, catch cover, reminder card etc.
  • Packaging design – Components, scientific requirements and designing fundamentals.
  • Analytics – MAT, CAGR calculation, Brand potential development, RCPA, market size determination, Sales forecasting.
  • Conference management skill development.
  • Promotion regulation.
  • Celebrity endorsement, Celebrity agreement.
  • Pharmaceutical Digital Marketing – Online marketplace strategic, mindshare Planning, Digital marketing mix for ethical brands & OTC brands, Content marketing, search marketing, Developing HCP sites, digital marketing strategies for innovator molecule and generic molecule, KOL management, Brand blogs, legal aspects of pharma brand digital advertisement, Adword, PPC, video marketing, linked in, E-detailing, digital survey tools
  • Pharma Sales Management training – Selling skill training, Territory management, precall and post call planning, various skill training for executives and managers.

Graduates in any discipline. Final year bachelor program candidate eligible for this course.

Features of the Course:

  • 24×7 self paced online learning  – learn at your convenience. 
  • Courses can be accessed at your own convenient time.
  • Downloadable PDF study modules.
  • E-lectures for easy understanding of the concepts.
  • Self assessment concept checkers for each lecture. 
  • Simulation to real life working. 
  • Access to case studies. 
  • Unique personalized course tracking page with course performance analytics. 
  • Flexible online final examination (Computer Based Test by secure mode).  
  • Course certification –  Course completion and Course gradation certificate will be issued.

  • Upon admission you will be providing the user id and password to access all the content online.
  • You will also be receiving the soft copy of the e-module (which you can download from your dashboard).


Department / Functional Area

Pharma Product Management


Pharma Visual Aid Development Training


Pharma Brand Plan Preparation


Pharma Marketing

RA, Production / F&D

DRA + PMT Dual Specialization

RA, PMT, Strategic Management and International Marketing Professionals

Brand Logo Development and Protection

RA / BD professional handling LATAM market

Course participant can upgrade the course to Executive Program in Pharma Global Business.

Course upgrade is possible by paying only the difference in course fees. (course fees of Pharma Global Business minus pharma marketing course which is already paid. For more details reach us at info@nckpharma.com.

Section 1Basic Fundamental of Pharma Marketing
Lecture 1Marketing - Fundamental
Lecture 2Market Research
Lecture 3Product Life Cycle
Lecture 4STP
Lecture 5 Pricing
Lecture 6A Pharmaceutical Segmentation outlook
Lecture 7Pharmaceutical Segmentation
Lecture 8Pharmaceutical Distribution
Lecture 9Promotion in Pharmaceutical Industry : Communication Model, Effective promotional communication, Push Vs. Pull Strategy and Buying Decision Process
Lecture 10Practical understanding on Prescription Accelerating Materials used in pharmaceutical promotion
Lecture 11Promotional Budget Setting : Tools and Techniques
Lecture 12Basics of Advertising - Fundamental Understanding
Lecture 13Advertising Planning - ATL, BTL, TTL activities
Lecture 14The Advertising agency Selection Process with Case Based Learning on Creative Brief Preparation
Lecture 15Classification of Doctors
Lecture 16Moving Average | Moving Annual Total | YTD | How to calculate 
Lecture 17compound annual growth rate (CAGR)
Lecture 18Market Size Determination - Market Share | Relative Market Share | Total Vs. Actual Vs. Penetrated Market
Lecture 19Brand Line Extension : Importance and Strategic Planning 
Lecture 20Sales Forecasting: Tools and Techniques
Lecture 21Brand Recall | Brand Recognition |Top of mind - How to calculate brand recall value?
Lecture 22Target Audiences for Pharma Promotion : Types and Specialization
Lecture 23Business segments of Pharmaceutical Companies
Lecture 24Target Audience Selection Based on Products
Section 2Pharma Brand Management
Lecture 26Purpose of Pharma Brand Logo
Lecture 27Different component of Pharma Brand Logo
Lecture 28Brand Name Protection & Trademarking
Lecture 29How to design an excellent brand logo : Tricks of the trade
Lecture 30Logo colour theme | Colour system | Colour coding | Significance of colour
Lecture 31Brand Name: Real Life Simulation
Lecture 32Non-Traditional Branding in Pharma
Lecture 33Global Protection of the Pharma Brand
Lecture 34Logo Rebranding - Reasons | Practical Examples | How to handle logo rebranding | Forced Rebranding 
Lecture 35Brand Brand Name Generator
Lecture 36Fundamental of Pharma Marketing Plan 
Lecture 37Concept of Marketing Campaign Development
Lecture 38How to prepare a pharma brand plan
Lecture 39Brand USP development
Lecture 40How to prepare promotogram
Lecture 41Sample Allocation
Lecture 42Introduction to visual aid designing  | V3M Concept | Components of the visual aid page
Lecture 43Practical Training in visual aid designing  | Step By Step Visual Aid Preparation | Creative Designing | Guideline on Proofing | USPs to differentiate the visual aid 
Lecture 44Visual Aid Printing  | Establishing Visual Aid Printing Specs for effective management of the vendors 
Lecture 45Visual Aid Analysis with practical example
Lecture 46Guideline on visual aid development
Lecture 47Marketing Plan followed by Visual Aid Development
Lecture 48Practical Sample to understand visual aid contents and effective placement of the texts
Lecture 49Visual Aid Printing
Lecture 50Interactive Visual Aid | E-detailing | Remote Detailing | Analysis of Animated Video based e-detailing visual aids 
Lecture 51Marketing Plan followed by Visual Aid Development
Lecture 52Visual Aid, Literature reference Sample
Lecture 53Brand Essence
Lecture 54Increase the brand reach with advance segmentation
Lecture 55Concept of uniform branding for better brand acceptability
Lecture 56Concept of Brand Differentiations
Lecture 57Brand Plan to Marketing Campaign - Objective setting to effective execution
Section 3International Marketing
Lecture 58Basic Introduction
Lecture 59Step By Step Process
Section 4Finance for Marketing Manager
Section 5Pharma Sales Management Training
Lecture 61What is Pharma Selling? Definition and Fundamental Understanding 
Lecture 62Growth Path / Career for Pharma Sales professionals
Lecture 63Qualities of Dynamic Sales Person 
Lecture 64Job Description of Medical Representatives / Pharma Sales Executives
Lecture 65Sales Territory Planning 
Lecture 66Doctor List Preparation | SVL | MSL | Call Average | Call Frequency | Missed call analysis | Doctor Territory Matrix | Call Average | Day Wise work Plan
Lecture 67Understanding Sales Process | Call Planning | Pre-call Planning Process
Lecture 68Retail Chemist Prescription Audit - RCPA
Lecture 69Concept of Vital 3 Minutes | Understanding Prescribing Motives | Call Objective Setting
Lecture 70In Clinic Performance | Guideline | Dos and Don’ts | Detailing Talk
Lecture 71Easy Call Objective setting format 
Lecture 72Post Call Analysis
Lecture 73Probable Reason for unsuccessful calls
Lecture 74ABM - role and responsibilities
Lecture 75RBM role and responsibility
Lecture 76Manager Vs. Operative Employees 
Lecture 77Bifurcation of Sales Territory
Lecture 78Evaluation Technique For Sales Force
Section 6Fundamental Understanding on Drug Discovery and Development Stages
Lecture 79R&D Process & Introduction to drug discovery 
Lecture 80Investigational New Drug Application (INDA)
Lecture 81New Drug Application (NDA) 
Lecture 82Basic concept and understanding of the Generic Drug 
Lecture 83Review of Drug Discovery Development 
Section 7Advance Marketing Strategic Planning
Lecture 84Advance Training on Pharmaceutical Packaging - For Brand Differentiation 
Lecture 85Increase the brand reach with advance segmentation
Lecture 86Concept of uniform branding for better brand acceptability
Lecture 87Brand Line Extension : Importance and Strategic Planning 
Lecture 88Disease Awareness Campaign - Brand Building Activities on Specific Health Day
Lecture 89Medical Animation for Brand Building 
Lecture 90Promotion of Pharmaceutical Brands in Medical Conferences
Lecture 91Celebrity Endorsement in Pharmaceutical Brand Promotion
Lecture 92Packaging Differentiation Strategy: Unique identifier & anti-tampering device on outer packaging