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Course Code: KPE-C-063

Course Name: KPE’s Certificate Course in Digital Pharma Marketing.

This course is designed to provide participants with an detailed practical orientation about digital marketing tools and techniques pertaining to pharma industry.

Pharmaceutical brands were slow to web marketing. The cautious behaviour of the sector, combined with uncertainty of regulation, held pharmaceuticals back while marketers in finance, professional services, manufacturing and business services raced ahead online. This course highlights key steps every brand should evaluate for boosting the effectiveness of their communications planning. For the experienced digital marketer this will be a useful check-list, for those new to the web it could revolutionise the communications mix – and reduce the overall cost of the marketing. This online course will provide comprehensive understanding regarding digital strategy for your brand or therapeutic area to stay ahead with competition with detailed understanding of the digital marketing tools and techniques.

This workshop is designed for innovative marketing, sales and medical professionals who want to optimize their communication mix and enhance customer-centricity through the selective adoption of digital marketing tools.

Pharmaceutical brands can increase the effectiveness of their marketing by using digital and integrated marketing more effectively. They can reduce their overall spend and change the way their sales channels operate.

This e-learning course provide comprehensive idea about the following:

  • Overview Of Digital Marketing
  • Case Study Presentations
  • Briefings (Online Payments, Disability Web Access, Surveys & Forms, Affiliate & Voucher Marketing, Crowd sourcing)
    Web Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Online Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing (Facebook & Linkedin)
  • Mastering Google (AdWords Advertising, Analytics & Applications)
  • Micro Blogging – Twitter
  • Copy Writing For The Web, Social Media & Mobiles
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Video & Audio (Podcasting) Marketing
  • Strategic & Action Planning
  • Presentations & Review

This workshop is designed for innovative marketing, product management, sales and medical education staff who want to optimize their communication mix and enhance customer-eccentricity through the selective adoption of digital strategies.

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing – Overview, Importance, Contribution of Digital marketing in advertising industry, Different pricinple of digital marketing, Applications of digital marketing, E-Business, E commerce, What are the challenges of managing strategy, Different overlapping forms of web presence, A generic digital marketing strategy development process, Social Media Marketing Radar, Evolution of web technologies, Pull Vs. Push Communication strategy, Channels requiring integration as part of integrated e-marketing strategy, The role of mixed-mode buying in Internet marketing, An interpretation of the differences between the old and digital media, Content marketing activities.
  • Digital Marketing in Pharmaceutical Industry – Effective media promotions
  • Online marketplace analysis: Micro-environment
    Identify the elements of an organization’s online marketplace that have implications, Evaluate techniques for reviewing the importance of different heads in microenvironment: customers, intermediaries, suppliers and competitors as part of the development of digital marketing strategy, Review changes to business and revenue models enabled by digital markets.
  • The Internet – The macro-environment impact an organisation’s digital marketing strategy, planning, implementation and performance, Consider legal, moral and ethical constraints of digital marketing
  • Digital marketing strategy – online contribution % , Customer lifecycle segmentation.
  • Different Digital Marketing Tools for Pharmaceutical Branding – Concept of Mix of Digital Marketing in Pharmaceutical Marketing Mix
  • Content Marketing 
  • Search Marketing-  Effectiveness for new products
  • Detailed understanding of search engine Optimization 
  • HCP sites – It’s importance
  • Digital Marketing Strategies for Launching of new innovator molecule in the market 
  • Digital Marketing Strategies for Launching of Generic Drug in the market 
  • Digital Marketing Strategies for phama companies visibility 
  • Relationship Marketing using digital marketing – KOL Management 
  • FDA Regulations on Digital Marketing 
  • Brand Blogs – to enhance brand visibility
  • Digital Press Release as a part of effective brand launch 
  • Digital Marketing Strategies – FACEBOOK Page, Facebook promotions of brands 
  • Digital Marketing Strategies – Google Adword 
  • Digital Marketing Strategies – Linked in
  • Digital Marketing Strategies – Youtube
  • Digital Marketing Strategies – User Generated Sites 
  • E-Detailing in pharmaceutical industry 
  • Digital Survey – How to implement

  • Upon admission you will be providing the user id and password to access all the content online.
  • You will also be receiving the soft copy of the e-module (which you can download from your dashboard).