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15 Sep 2018

Consequences and progress of Takeda-Shire Buyout

Takeda announced in April it would buy Shire in the largest-ever overseas acquisition by a Japanese company. Although Shire is based in Ireland, most of its operations are in Massachusetts, where it has about 3,000 employees, primarily in Lexington and Cambridge.


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Various Regulatory Approval

The merger has already received regulatory approval in the US and Brazil, and China.

Takeda has filed for clearance in Canada and Mexico. Other major markets where regulators need to greenlight the deal include the European Union and Japan. The acquisition could face tougher scrutiny in Europe, where pharmaceutical acquisition deal find difficult to get through.

The acquisition, which will be the largest overseas purchase by a Japanese company, has already received unconditional clearance from U.S. and Brazilian regulators and awaits approval from Japan and the European Union.

Shift in US HQ

Takeda will close its US headquarters in suburban Chicago and move to the Boston area.A Takeda spokeswoman said the work done by nearly 1,000 employees in Deerfield, Ill., will “progressively consolidate from Deerfield into the Greater Boston area following a successful closing” of the acquisition of Shire.

Disinvestment in store?

There is market speculation that Takeda Pharmaceuticals may sale of a Shire’s eye care business once its $62 billion (€53.36 billion) acqusition is completed. This is mainly to cut the debt raised to fund the deal.

This is too early to judge at this moment, but certainly this deal will be taking it’s own tide in due course of time.

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