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cofsils facemask
7 Aug 2020

Cofsils brand expansion with face masks launch

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Cofsils, a leading brand under Cipla Health Ltd., which offers a complete solution for sore throat and cough related issues, has launched the Cofsils Face Mask that provides three levels of protection against harmful viruses and bacteria. Bearing in mind the on-going pandemic, the brand has introduced the 3-ply single-use disposable face mask with an aim to offer quality, comfort and affordability to consumers.

The 3 ply face mask provides 98% virus protection at 0.1 micron and 98% bacterial protection at 3 microns, it comes with an adjustable nose clip for a comfortable fit, it is UV sterilised and made in a dust-free environment ensuring safety and hygiene for the consumers. The product is Center for International Regulatory Assistance (CITRA) certified and costs only Rs. 16 per mask.

The brand is also distributing Cofsils Face Masks to healthcare workers in India, extending support to the services provided by nurses, doctors, pharmacists who are working relentlessly during this crucial time. This initiative is an expression of heart-felt gratitude and a step towards curbing the shortage of protective gear faced by the frontline workers.

The brand has also rolled out a digital film highlighting the emotions of families of frontline and healthcare workers. Although these workers are the real superheroes of current times, their families who are supporting them continue to fear while allowing them out on the field.

Cofsils is a leading OTC brand of Cipla Ltd. Apart from recently introduced facemask, Confsils franchisee is having presence in

  • Cofsils – Lozenges
  • Cough Drops
  • Cough Syrup
  • Experdine Gargles


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