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16 Jul 2021

Codexis’s CodeEvolver platform technology transfer deal with Novartis

Codexis, Inc., a leading enzyme engineering company enabling the promise of synthetic biology, announced the completion of the CodeEvolver platform technology transfer with Novartis Pharma AG (“Novartis”) today. In May 2019, the two companies signed a platform technology transfer and license agreement, under which Novartis has a non-exclusive license to CodeEvolver to develop novel performance enzymes for use in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products.

“We are pleased to have completed the CodeEvolver® installation for Novartis, enabling our long-time customer to leverage Codexis’ proprietary enzyme engineering technology,” said Stefan Lutz, Senior Vice President of Research of Codexis. “Compared to using traditional, non-enzymatic chemistry, CodeEvolver®-improved enzymes and processes can reduce capital requirements, and enable higher yielding processes, with reduced energy usage and lower waste generation. This is our third licensing collaboration for a customer to bring CodeEvolver® technology in-house, but the first one we have had to implement virtually; I’m extremely proud of how our teams collaborated to ensure a successful and efficient technology transfer, despite the challenges of the pandemic.”

Codexis is a leading enzyme engineering company leveraging its proprietary CodeEvolver® platform to discover and develop novel, high performance enzymes and novel biotherapeutics. Codexis enzymes have applications in the sustainable manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, food, and industrial products; the creation of the next generation of life science tools; and as biologic therapeutics and in gene therapy. The Company’s unique enzymes drive improvements such as reduced energy usage, waste generation and capital utilization, higher yields, higher fidelity diagnostics, and more efficacious therapeutics. Codexis enzymes enable the promise of synthetic biology to improve the health of people and the planet.

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