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9 Feb 2020

CODA Biotherapeutics acquired 3 clinical stage assets from Attenua

CODA Biotherapeutics, a preclinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing a gene therapy-mediated chemogenetic platform, announced it has completed the acquisition of Attenua, Inc.

With the acquisition, CODA has obtained three small molecule drugs that have been shown to be safe and well tolerated in multiple clinical trials up to and including phase II studies. CODA has engineered several chemogenetic receptors that can be specifically controlled by small molecule ligands, including clinical stage candidates from the Attenua portfolio. CODA plans to evaluate and advance these unique receptor-ligand pairs toward the clinic to treat neuropathic pain, focal epilepsy, and other neurologic diseases and disorders.

“We are fortunate to be able to acquire these three small molecule therapeutics that have a tremendous amount of high-quality drug development work already completed, one with a currently active IND. Prior to the acquisition, our team has engineered several chemogenetic ion channel receptors that can be specifically controlled by these clinical stage drugs. The robust data packages accompanying these assets will decrease time, cost, and risks as we move toward human clinical trials where we hope to demonstrate transformative results for patients,” said Michael Narachi, president and chief executive officer, CODA.

“The group of assets included in this transaction represents an excellent strategic fit and further advances CODA and its chemogenetic platform toward the clinic, which holds great promise to significantly change how we treat many challenging conditions and disorders,” added Todd Foley, managing director at MPM Capital and member of CODA’s board of directors.Terms are not being disclosed.

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