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28 Feb 2018

Cipla – Roche Deal – Cipla will promote and distribute Roche’s tocilizumab and Syndyma in India

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Cipla Ltd and Roche Pharma India has entered an agreement under which Cipla will promote and distribute tocilizumab and Syndyma, the 2nd brand of Roche’s cancer therapy bevacizumab in India.

This partnership is win-win for both Cipla and Roche. For Roche, they will able to get the market coverage with Cipla’s well established distribution network. On the other hand, Cipla will enrich it’s biologic portfolio.

This partnership is in line with ’s efforts to improve healthcare and increase access to innovative, life-changing medicines in India, particularly to patients who currently do not have access to such, Cipla commented.

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